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Blog | Premier League Predictions | Matchday 16


It's another three-day weekend in the Premier League, which means it's time for more predictions - with TWO evening games today for some strange reason.

Saturday 8th December, 12:30pm kick-off

Bournemouth 1-2 Liverpool

While Bournemouth have been pretty good so far this season, Liverpool usually come up with some way to win and I can see them just edging it here.

Saturday 8th December, 3pm kick-off

Arsenal 3-1 Huddersfield Town

Arsenal winning this isn't a bold prediction, so I'll say this: Arsenal will finally be winning a Premier League game at half-time!

Burnley 0-0 Brighton & Hove Albion

I think these two teams will just cancel each other out and will probably end up last on Match of the Day - watch it end 4-4 now!

Cardiff City 2-1 Southampton

I think Southampton are too far gone for even the 'new manager bounce' to have any effect, even at struggling Cardiff.

Manchester United 2-0 Fulham

Similar to above, Fulham might look a little more resilient under Ranieri, but Man Utd should still see them off in relative comfort.

West Ham United 2-1 Crystal Palace

The Hammers are slowly turning things around this season, while Palace seem to be slowly going in the opposite direction, so West Ham will just about get over the line here.

Saturday 8th December, 5:30pm kick-off

Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City

I would love for Chelsea to win this simply to see Man City lose their unbeaten run, but I think the financially-doped and referee-protected Dubai side will keep on going.

Saturday 8th December, 7:45pm kick-off

Leicester City 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur

I have no idea why this game is being played so late, but I don't think either side will appreciate it and will both end up happy with a point.

Sunday 9th December, 4pm kick-off

Newcastle United 0-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers

A not-so-Super Sunday unless Wolves can maintain their high after beating Chelsea during the week.

Monday 10th December, 8pm kick-off

Everton 2-1 Watford

The Hornets do seem to be struggling a lot more often than not recently, while Everton are quietly improving in baby steps, so the home team should just about do enough.


Here's how my predictions for the season so far - including those above - would leave the table looking after this weekend.



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