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The Predator

Thanks to the weather earlier today bringing a tree down onto the Metropolitan Tube line into London, I wasn't able to see The Predator today as planned, so that review is going to be delayed yet again. Fortunately, tickets had not been booked, although considering how few people actually seem to actually be going to watch the film, it wouldn't have been a problem anyway.

Agent Carter season 2

Speaking of delays, Peggy Carter should finally get her day in the sun once again this week, with the weather unable to stop her. I don't know what day it will be, but probably closer to the end of the week than the start.

Arsenal 2-0 Everton

A clean sheet! Arsenal finally have a clean sheet! And on Torreira's first start for the club too - do you think there could be a link there? I know that Cech was the main reason Everton didn't score today, but Arsenal looked impressively solid and in control after the quick-fire double salvo from Lacazette and Aubameyang.

Those two look like a great partnership even if one of them (mainly Aubameyang) isn't playing too well. It's clear the pair get on brilliantly on and off the pitch, and that friendship is paying dividends with goals for both coming fairly regularly.

I do want to praise Lacazette a little more though; I think a few fans wrote him off after Aubameyang arrived and started scoring for fun, but it's clear that it just took the Frenchman a while to settle into the English game and is now up to speed.

On the form displayed so far this season, he'd definitely be my number one pick as striker for Arsenal right now. He's developed the physicality required to hold the ball up, and has the burst of speed and technical side to his game as added weapons in his locker. I think he could be crucial if Arsenal want to continue heading up the league.


There'll be a review of The Descent posted tomorrow, which is a horror movie that I actually like a lot, with Danny Boyle's Sunshine to come later in the week. I can't give an exact date for that yet, as I'll be posting reviews of Agent Carter season 2 and Day of the Triffids once both of those are finished and fitting Sunshine around them.


Currently playing

Spider-Man - I'm definitely enjoying it more, but it's still lacking a certain something for me, with the constant breaks from player control to set up missions proving almost as annoying as the 'laggy' controls in combat

Currently reading

Day of the Triffids - I should finish this at some point during the week, so expect a review any time from Tuesday onward



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