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Game Review | Let Them Come


Game summary: Twitchy trigger fingers and focused battle tactics are the order of the day as wave after wave of alien-like creatures try to take you down. (Steam)

Another cheap, small game centred around a simple set-up, but unfortunately lacking that little extra to make it truly worthwhile sticking with. Even playing in small bursts every now and then it never remains enjoyable for long, because there's just so little variety to the action.

Said action does look impressive though, with the pixel art style being the most impressive part of Let Them Come, allowing for a surprising amount of detail. It's a shame that the detail never really provides the intensity that a game like this requires.

I'm only talking about something simple like the screen shaking as you keep firing to provide some connection to how your character must be feeling, but everything remains so solid and stable that a certain unquantifiable something is missing

The sound doesn't help either, with the music being there simply to be there. It doesn't add to the experience and you're probably better off using your own music. The sound effects don't have any oomph to them either, and also means that what could have provided some much needed intensity is missing here too.

As for how Let Them Come plays, it couldn't be more simple as you simply aim and shoot. You can purchase better weaponry, some of which is more useful than others against certain enemies, but none of them ever feel like they have any true impact.

The whole game feels fairly lifeless as a result of all this, and - aside from when I first started playing and everything felt new - ultimately failed to resonate with me as much as I hoped it would. it all feels very surface level, with no substance to truly grab you and keep you playing for any great length of time.

Let Them Come is fun to begin with, but its appeal wears off very quickly. The visual style is pretty cool, but lacking in the required visceral impact to really immerse you, with the sound failing in a similar manner. A promising set-up that never comes close to fulfilling its potential.




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