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Blog | New Year, New Schedule

This wasn't my view of the New Year's fireworks, but not far off

Happy New year and welcome to 2019 - hopefully, this year will be more than a little better than the one just gone. But with a new year comes a slight change to how often I can post; December was tricky enough thanks to the holidays, but the fact remains that I simply do not have enough free time to publish posts as often as I would like.

This might change over the next couple of months as things hopefully calm down, but the below sections will detail the regularity of posts for at least the next few months.


There will still be at least one movie review each week, possibly increasing to two. I still plan on seeing just as many new films as I did last year and I actually have multiple movies from the last two years I am still yet to review. So movie reviews should remain as plentiful as ever, if not more so.


This is probably going to be the biggest change simply thanks to how much time some games can take to complete. As an example, I'm currently working through Assassin's Creed Odyssey and, after 85 hours, still have at least a third of the content to go.

I won't be reviewing any other game until Odyssey is complete, which may take some time, so don't expect any game reviews for a while yet. If I happen across any vastly shorter or single-gimmick games before then, I might make a post about them, but they would be exceptions.

Going forward, I might have to change how I review longer games like Odyssey to prevent a lack of posts about them. Shorter games can still be reviewed as and when they are done, but lengthier titles might require something similar to how I was approaching Dragon Age: Origins, and break them up into sections to write about as I work through the game.

And speaking of Dragon Age: Origins, I will hopefully get a chance to look at fixing whatever the problem was that cut the last post shorter than I would've liked. If I can fix the issues, that series will resume either next week or the week after.


These posts will remain about as 'regular' as they already are, with reviews being posted as I finish a season. I am hoping to work through more TV in 2019, so there may be an increase in reviews, but I'm not going to promise anything just yet.


Premier League predictions and Arsenal Player Rankings posts will still appear at the same rate, because having a fixture list with certain dates requires it! As that's all the football content there is on the site - and I have no plans for more - nothing needs to change there.

As for other blog posts, they will be greatly reduced in number for the foreseeable future so I can try and use the extra time to work through movies, games and TV shows for reviews. If there's something I feel that I need to get off my chest about any of those subjects, I'll make a post about them as and when they are needed.

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