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Yeah, that's a bit of a cheap title for this post considering what it's about.

Captain Marvel

I've now seen the latest MCU film multiple times and I have to say that it's gotten better on each viewing and will certainly feature highly when I next do my Marvel Cinematic Universe rankings after Avengers: Endgame has been released. Despite how much the film has risen in my estimation, I'm not going to go back and edit my initial review or even re-review it.

As I spell out in my scoring guide post, the number at the end of any of my reviews is simply short-hand so I don't have to keep typing out sentences to qualify how much I like it. Captain Marvel scored an [8/10] for me, and in my rating system, that means a movie is 'very good' - which is right for my opinion of this film in particular.

This is also why I don't really like review scores and am considering doing away with the number system and simply replacing it with [Terrible], [Disappointing], [Decent], etc so that everything I've written doesn't just boil down to a number, because otherwise I think I'd have to start taking that into account and scoring films differently.

Matching the score to a 100-point scale, an 8/10 can range from 75 to 84, all of which would be too low for Captain Marvel - but a 9/10 could then see some considering the movie as anywhere from 85 to 94. To keep this short, having a set score doesn't really work with the 100-point scale sites like Metacritic use - it's simply too precise.

Equally, I think [9/10] and considering Captain Marvel as 'Great' is also a little too far because I don't think it is great - I think it's 'merely' very good. I'm going to stick with the 10-point system (11 if you include 0/10) for now, but may come up with a range of terms instead that get across a more precise 'feeling' about a particular piece of media rather than reducing the work of thousands to a single number.

Assassins' Creed Odyssey

After 131 hours, I've finally completed the base game - yes, it really took me that long to get through everything I wanted to do in this game. What's more, I loved just about every minute I spent with it too, and Kassandra is now one of my favourite game characters of all time thanks to Melissanthi Mahut's incredible voice work.

It did help that the Amazon armour makes you look like Wonder Woman and I spent the last few dozen hours effectively role-playing as Diana of Themiscyra and travelling around the Greek world unarmed so I could beat my enemies into submission rather than slaughtering everyone I encountered - it made things a little harder, and some killing is required in certain missions, but it was still enjoyable.

I don't want to go into too much detail here about how much I enjoyed the game, but am planning to write what I am sure will be a lengthy review of my favourite game released in 2018 and the first proper game review of 2019 - in March! I've still got the bloody DLC to go through yet too, so will be starting the Legacy of the First Blade story-line in the near future - although that will hopefully take a lot less time to get through.

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