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A brief update as I haven't been posting too much in the last few weeks, for a number of reasons. One was getting close to the end of the football season and growing completely apathetic to it all, meaning I never looked forward to having to write about it. Well, no more predictions going forward, just Arsenal player rankings at the end of each season - so one more football post this year!


I'm going to try and get back to a more regular routine with movie reviews, with a minimum of one per week every Saturday. This week is going to be Thor: The Dark World - the header image may have been a clue - as I continue through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Any new movies released will get an extra post whenever needed.


There are a number of longer games that I want to work through, but that could mean looong gaps between reviews, so will break them up with smaller games or specials (I really do intend on starting a Football Manager save at some point) and hopefully have one gaming post per month at a minimum. The longer games will be reviewed when they are done, regardless of any other games reviewed that month.


Rather than let the series be decided at random, I'm going to pick one and watch it until it's all done, reviewing each season as I go - like games, hopefully at least one post per month. Apart from The Good Place (which I love), I'm going to leave Netflix series like GLOW or Stranger Things until they're finished, so I can binge the lot and get them done.

That does leave a lot of other series I have started though, so there's no shortage of material to work on, with dozens of seasons of television ahead - that's why I said I want to do at least one season per month - at just one per month, I wouldn't need to start a new series for the next few years, and that doesn't sound fun at all.


There's going to be one of these posts per week, which will be each Wednesday and will be laid out in a pretty similar format to keep track of where I am with various titles - especially TV seasons and longer games. I also still have a number of books and graphic novels to get through, so they'll probably get centre stage in these posts as and when I can find time to finish them.

Until next time...

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