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France's past may give an insight into Britain's future

Did you know that Britain's never had a revolution? There was a civil war during a previous suspension of Parliament, but never an event where the corrupt, privileged pieces of filth destroying the country were dragged from the homes and made to answer (usually with their lives) to the people they spent their days defecating on. Don't know why that thought occurred to me today...


No new movies at the cinema for me before Sunday, which means I have to find something else to review this Saturday. As a result, I think I'll go back to one of the best movies ever made, about an educated man fighting fascists and their attempts to steal an invaluable piece of another culture's history - yep, it's Raiders of the Lost Ark.

As an aside, the movies currently being discussed among my friends for potential viewings on Sunday are Good Boys and Crawl. After the reaction following the horror movie winning out last time, I think I know what movie will probably win this time.


Having recently reviewed a game in which a senior member of the US government and a Russian sent the world into turmoil, I think I'll return to a game in which a small group of arseholes who think they know better try to ruin the lives of people just trying to get by and finish the final episode of the first Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC adventure.

Also, having just finished Modern Warfare 2, it's time for World War 3 in - no, not real life... yet - in Modern Warfare 3. I may get back to Spider-Man's New Game+ at some point too, assuming I can muster the strength to push past those damn 'stealth' missions. I should also mention that The Witcher 3 is calling me too... but I really need to get some other games finished first, because that game will consume my life for the next few months if I start it.


Currently blitzing through The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime, in which a group of old white men continue to try and prove that they're still relevant in today's world even though their best years are definitely behind them. In the spirit of the show - and it not being (mostly) fiction - I won't give the show a score, but I will rate each episode along the lines of motor-racing. How hard can it be?

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