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Saturday Night (not) at the Movies


One of the worst things about getting older is when you actually realise it's happening. Then again, it can be celebratory too - I first met a friend of mine twenty years ago today and we're partying this weekend, from Friday night through to Sunday. It's going to be a fun time, but it does mean I won't have any time to write anything, so will have to go with something already done and finished.


The above-mentioned twentieth anniversary friendship 'celebration' will still include a movie if we can fit it in, with Brad Pitt's Ad Astra one we're keeping an eye on. However, I haven't actually seen any movie - new or old - for over a week and so there won't be a movie review this weekend. I could put together something based on a movie I've seen before, but I'd rather still have a movie fresh in my mind before posting a review in case I notice something I hadn't seen before.

Next cinema visit: Ad Astra

Next home watch: Snowpiercer (via Netflix)


Instead, it'll be a game review on Saturday and - if the image up top wasn't enough of a hint - it's the conclusion of the Modern Warfare trilogy. Well, it's a trilogy if you don't count the re-mastered Call of Duty 4 or the new, 'realistic' Modern Warfare quasi-reboot that's been announced. I finished it too late to post on Monday just gone, and next Monday is already claimed by the Orphan Black season 4 review, so filling in the gap vacated by a lack of movie-watching fits perfectly.

I'm also still working through Spider-Man on the PS4, thankfully past a poor stretch of missions and enjoying the open-world combat encounters - if only the story sections weren't so restrictive in how you could play them!

I've also started Divinity: Original Sin 2 which I'm enjoying immensely despite only logging a few hours so far. It's astonishing how much freedom the game gives you to advance the story, often letting you know multiple ways to advance and letting you figure out one of the multiple methods of dealing with each path of progression.

Also playing: Alpha Protocol, Assassin's Creed Odyssey


This is going to be a short one as there's nothing really to add without spoiling the review of Orphan Black's fourth season next Monday.

Next to watch: Orphan Black season five


Similar to the TV section, there's not much to add here - although this is because I'm still working my way through the gigantic It, which is proving to be an interesting point of comparison with the two movies and what was left out. At least it's nice to have an image in my head of what the characters look like, even if I do still have more than a third of the story still to go.

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