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Novel Thinking


November is a couple of days away, which means that it's almost time for Nanowrimo and that means not enough time in the day to write anything else. The plan is as follows...


I've built up a store or movie reviews to last the whole of November, posting twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These are going to be movies already available on digital, disc or streaming, because I obviously can't write reviews for movies before they're released thanks to not being an actual movie critic who gets invites to press screenings.

Any new movies I do get to see during November (Zombieland: Double Tap and Knives Out to name just two that are planned to watch) will have to wait until December for reviews to be written and posted. This will probably lead to a backlog considering December's usual crowd of releases, so it may be a bit movie heavy on here into the early weeks of 2020.


Alpha Protocol is done and dusted, so that'll also get a review in December. It's a really good game, but has noticeably more bugs than the Xbox 360 version I'd played previously - I'd still love to see a sequel at some point, but I don't think that's likely. It's more probable that we'll get a 'spiritual successor' from Obsidian that is Alpha Protocol 2 in all but name.

I'm going to focus on finishing off the Fate of Atlantis DLC for Assassin's Creed Odyssey next to finally put that epic-sized game to bed at long last. I'll be moving onto the Batman: Arkham games next, all while playing Dragon Age: Origins whenever I can get a spare moment - once I'm caught up to where my Game Play series left off, I'll resume from that point.


With all of the above, there's no chance in hell of a TV series getting reviewed before 2020 - and even that's planned to be the fourth and final season of The Good Place rather than an older series. I haven't watched any of the episodes released on Netflix just yet, as I'm saving them up to binge once they're all available so I can view it under the conditions as the previous seasons.

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