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Wind's Howling


With Storm Ciara currently battering the UK right now, plans got more than a little disrupted. The intention yesterday was to go see at least two new movies to potentially post reviews of this week, but after having lunch at a friend's place, we checked outside to see what the weather was like and the rain was so heavy that you couldn't see the other side of the street.

As a side effect of really not wanting to go outside and drown on land, I stayed at my friend's which meant I also couldn't get a review of The Good Place's final season done either! Time to really build up a backlog of posts in case of insane weather again in the future.


No chances will be taken now - I have (hopefully) learned my lesson and will be taking precautions. Namely, I will be making actual use of my Netflix subscription to watch The Irishman, Marriage Story and Uncut Gems. That should be enough, in addition to possibly getting to the cinema this weekend to add more fuel to the review fire.


As the title image might suggest, I'm back in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it's got it's claws deep in me yet again - many have said it, but it really is that damn good. I'm going to try and play other games alongside it, but this may simply be more Dragon Age: Origins to resume the Game Play series for that title as I can at least divide that up into bite-size chunks of fun.


Yes, I've finally finished The Good Place and many tears were shed during and after the finale. I watched the entire series over a weekend with two friends and we were all sobbing by the end, with one of the most perfect send-offs for a series ever, even if the final season was possibly the show's weakest. A review (and series overview) will be posted this Thursday.


Thanks to Greta Gerwig's excellent movie adaptation (how was she not at least nominated for best director at the Oscars?), I'm currently working my way through Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and enjoying it immensely. It's proving interesting to see how much was left out of the movie and how the extra material is changing how much I like each of the March sisters. I will say that the audio quality isn't too great, but the material and performance make up for it.

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