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September Schedule


Mistakes were made. After saying last time about how I needed to pick a 2020 game to get started on and it possibly being Final Fantasy VII Remastered, but not being definite, I then went out and got the damn thing. Sounds good so far, right? Well, I've had the bloody game for three weeks now and have barely got started thanks to an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise...

Which is the game pictured above: Heaven's Vault. I only started it to see what type of game it was and how it would play, then got so drawn into the story that I just kept playing... and playing.. and playing. It's a 2019 game, but it's so good that I left aside all other games - it's definitely got that 'just 5 more minutes' factor that keeps you playing for hours. Review coming in October!


Monday 7th September - TV review: Sherlock | Season 2

Back before they joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were both excellent in this series and this is possibly its best season.

Thursday 10th September - movie review: LA Confidential

I love this movie and am already looking forward to watching it again for this review. Ignore Kevin Spacey if you can, as this is a brilliant movie.

Monday 14th September - movie review: The Bourne Ultimatum

The Jason Bourne trilogy (yes, trilogy - there were no other Bourne movies after this...) comes to an end with quite possibly the best in the series.

Thursday 17th September - game review: Toybox Turbos

I loved Micro Machines 2 back on the good old Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for Americans) and thought this might scratch that particular itch. Well...

Monday 21st September - movie review: Kung Fu Panda

For an animated movie filled with talking animals as the characters, this has one hell of an incredible cast - and the film's pretty damn good too.

Thursday 24th September - movie review: Spring Breakers

How best to describe this movie? It's one of those stories that, when watching it in the cinema, made the audience gasp and laugh in disbelief at where it went.

Monday 28th September - TV review: Sherlock | Season 3

The cast grows and so does the serialisation, with the seams starting to show a little after the incredible climax to the second season, but I remember enjoying it when I first watched it, so it'll be interesting to see how it holds up.


'Endgame Rule' Victims

Trimming down what I want to watch based on having seen at least 3 hours (Avengers: Endgame's running time) of it are a few TV shows getting binned off:

- Gilmore Girls: as I said in my review of the second season, I think this doesn't really work well as a show to be binge-watched and I don't really want to spread it out considering that I wasn't a fan of the second season.

- GLOW: I actually did watch the second season of GLOW, but never reviewed it because I had neither the time nor the inclination to make the time because of how insubstantial it felt. Apparently the third season improved things, but I'm not bothered if I never find out if that's true.

- The IT Crowd: the only season I did watch was only okay and I'm not really interested in forcing myself to watch something that barely registered as 'meh'.

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