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Andromeda Endings

It's been a slow week.

Ryder and Cora interrogate one of the Kett in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Weeks like the past one are exactly why I've switched to this new format - yes, this is a bit of a threadbare post and no, there isn't much to talk about because real life stuff has been getting in the way.

At least I can continue to take things at my own speed and not force myself to watch/play/read something just for the sake of getting a review post up - I want to enjoy the media I'm consuming!



- only the one movie watched in the last week, and that was a re-watch of The Big Short, which remains a truly excellent, albeit terrifying movie.

- I really need to watch more movies, especially considering there are some I've owned for years that I still haven't got around to and a boatload of 4K discs that I'd really like to watch again.


- I'm approaching the grand finale of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which will close out my latest playthrough of the series and my opinion of it is only getting better each time I play, even if it's still the least good ('worst' sounds too negative) Mass Effect game.

- yes, I know the image above is from near the start of the game and not the end as the title of the post implies.

- I still haven't finished Baldur's Gate 3 and am considering starting an entirely new run to actually go through the thing properly now I know what I'm doing.

- I know I previously said that I had already started a run to do this exact thing, but simply haven't had the time to continue it, so want to start afresh with a character I can keep playing with.

- Marvel Snap is still funstrating (fun and frustrating in equal measure), which is why I keep this to small doses every day.

- in addition to a new run of Baldur's Gate 3 (which I intend to play in smaller chunks per day to prevent it from consuming all my time), I currently have Batman: Arkham Knight, Subnautica (on PC this time) and Syberia: The World Before installed as my next planned games, although it'll most likely be Batman up first to finish off going through that series after finishing with Arkham Origins months ago.


- I really need to watch more TV shows, especially the Apple TV stuff before my free trial runs out.

- I still haven't watched Secret Invasion and have no interest in making time for Loki's second season either; is my time with the MCU coming to an end?

- these aren't the droids you're looking for.

- you can go about your business.

- move along.



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