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Blog | Colombia vs England


There’s only one thing to talk about today, isn’t there?

Colombia 1-1 England (England win 4-3 on penalties after extra-time)

England scrape through to the quarter-finals of the World Cup on penalties, and so the nationalism and xenophobia in the tabloids will continue for a little while longer at least. It was a pretty even game, marred by poor officiating that affected both sides.

The only thing that really annoyed me though, was the partisan commentating on ITV, Yes, I know that they’re obviously going to be biased towards their own country, but some of the hypocrisy was bordering on flat-out xenophobia and ignoring what was being shown on the screen.

Now, I don’t read the papers or watch TV that much so have missed that side of the media, but I’m aware of more than a few English people on social media and message boards saying that the behaviour of journalists, commentators and pundits is putting them off fully supporting England and it’s easy to see why after a game like tonight.

Personally, I though England were much the better team in normal time, even if they didn’t actually create that many clear-cut chances. Creating those opportunities and taking advantage of them is going to be a real issue against some of the other teams left.

Apart from Belgium and France, I’d say all the other teams remaining in the World Cup have better defences and are more organised than Colombia – and even then the Belgians and French make up for weaker defences with phenomenal forward players.

Based on performances so far, I really can’t see England winning the competition unless they get on the right end of a controversial decision or two. They’ve only looked convincing against Panama, and couldn’t even keep a clean sheet against them.

Which actually reminds me that England are yet to keep a clean sheet at all so far. I genuinely hadn’t noticed that until writing that last paragraph. That’s a little worrying and just confirms my belief that the don’t have the overall quality to go all the way.

Still, I’d be a lot more supportive if I didn’t have to listen to the commentary – BBC give you the option on the red button, but it’s unfortunately not in HD. I have no idea if ITV offer the same option, but I really wish they would.

Colombia equalising made me happier than it should have because I so enjoyed hearing how disappointed Clive Tyldesley and Glenn Hoddle were – let us switch them off, or at least force them to be more professional when commentating on England, and the team would probably get a lot more support.


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