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It's amazing what a difference just a few degrees in temperature can make, but the heat has been far more bearable today even though it's still hot for Britain. That there's been a consistent shallow breeze too is the nice chilled icing on top of the warm cake.

France 1-0 Belgium

Twenty years on from winning the World Cup in their own backyard, the French are back in the final again, with a team that looks solid from front to back, even if they could do with still being a little sharper up front.

Their attacking players are all highly-talented (yes, even Olivier Giroud!) and can produce moments of outstanding brilliance such as Mbappe's incredible spinning back-heel to completely undo the Belgian defence at one point tonight, but they simply don't score enough.

Luckily for the forwards, the midfield and defence look ridiculously composed and compact, even if there were a couple of moments where it looked like Belgium might trouble them. Despite that, it all felt pretty comfortable for France in the end and they have to be favourites now.

I've got good memories of the World Cup in France as I was doing work experience in the country at the time and had such a good time that I'd almost like to see them win it again just to bring back that nostalgia for a little while longer. I do have money on England though, just in case...


Currently playing

God of War (2018) - I've not actually touched this since the last blog as I've been a bit busy, but I know Muspelheim is waiting for me when I'm ready to go back to the grind.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - I've started with a new Sith Warrior to fill in the smaller gaps of time here and there, concentrating solely on the story missions. It's been fun so far, but only makes me wish even more that we could get a re-mastered Knights of the Old Republic. Could you imagine how good it would look with today's graphics, coupled with that story?

Currently reading

Marvel Platinum Definitive Thor Redux - the Norse adventures continue to suffer as I haven't managed to read any more of this either, and I know I'm frustratingly mid-story at the moment, so might try and at least finish off the current arc before bed tonight.

Currently watching

iZombie Season 1 - two more episodes watched and, while enjoying Rose McIver's performances even more, it's still lacking that certain something to get me really enjoying what I'm watching.



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