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Blog | Day of Rest


Yes, I know it's not a Sunday, but it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK so it certainly feels like one, and I'm also not religious in the slightest, so while 'day of rest' may have certain connotations for Christians, I have no issues with calling any day that as long as it's a day on which I am resting.

Arsenal 3-1 West Ham United

Another game, another shaky performance, but three points with the three goals. And the scoreline perfectly matching the Expected Goals stat too, so about as fair a result as possible for the match. The dodgy defence was bailed out by the attack this time, but the danger caused by every opponent so far must be concerning Unai Emery by now.

It's also worth wondering when Lucas Torreira will finally get to start a game, with his presence helping to protect the defence every time he's been brought on. I know it might take him a while to get fully up to speed with the English game, but that back four needs all the help it can get.

Similarly concerning must be Aubameyang's goal drought in attack. I would've preferred Lacazette to start against Man City and Chelsea, and the Frenchman's strengthening of the attack each time he's appeared must also surely start to influence Emery's team selection.

In short, Torreira and Lacazette in, and fit the others around them - shove Aubameyang wide if you really want to keep him in the team. As for midfield, it's a bit trickier as Xhaka and Guendouzi offer varying passing styles that help the team, but are neither quite good enough defensively. A tricky choice, but this is why the head coach gets paid the big bucks.


A review of The Lion King will be posted tomorrow night, with season 2 of Gilmore Girls to follow on Wednesday. Right now, that's all that's set in stone, but I might do an early Arsenal Player Rankings post even though only three games have been played.


Currently playing

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - going slowly through this one, although I am enjoying it.

Hearthstone - taking my own advice and creating gimmick decks to play for fun when I have a little time spare, often with hilarious results that are just enough to keep me from giving up on the game.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - technically not playing yet, but I will be getting started on it this coming week and am looking forward to finally seeing how Nathan Drake's story began.

Currently watching

Agent Carter season 2 - back to the TV side of the MCU and it's more Hayley Atwell, so all good here.



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