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Again, just a short one today thanks to it being late and me foolishly not having anything prepared in advance...

Cardiff City 2-3 Arsenal

More poor defending from Arsenal, but impressive potency in attack even if they wasted more than enough chances to have completely buried the game in the first half. Also worth noting: Emery already has as many away Premier League wins in 2018 as Arsene Wenger.


Absolutely loved seeing this film today and will be posting a full review tomorrow night. It's a really great film with an incredibly watchable cast, even if a lot of what's depicted is damn hard to watch. There are some pretty clear shots at present-day America in there too, and one of the funniest - and darkest - lines is a direct shot at Trump.

The Dark Knight

This was the first time I'd seen this movie in a few years, and the first time ever in IMAX. And holy forking shirt is it still a great movie. I'll be posting a review of this on Tuesday, but just want to note here how amazing the IMAX footage is in this film - just incredible to watch.

And the rest...

I won't be able to finish Agent Carter season 2 in time to review it by Wednesday, so that'll be posted next week now. I'm still not done with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey either, so don't expect a review of that any time soon.

The good news is that I have plenty of other movies and games that I can write about, so have more than enough to fill the week ahead assuming I don't get my time swallowed up by anything unexpec- wait, Spider-Man is out on PS4 this Friday. Crap.



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