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Ryan Gosling heads to the moon as Neil Armstrong in First Man

The first of two posts today to make up for the lack of a post yesterday - what was supposed to be a day out to see two films and have a meal ended up becoming something... more than that, only ending at 2am.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything pre-prepared for the eventuality of not being able to publish anything, which is something I'm really going to have to remedy for November and NaNoWriMo!


The second post for today will be a review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch and will be a long one, as it's quite a complex game to talk about.

Tomorrow will be a review of First Man, and the movie reviews will continue across Tuesday and Wednesday with looks at Bad Times at the El Royale and A Star is Born on those respective days.

Thursday will be a game review that I have re-written about half a dozen times and will finally see the light of day as I review Hearthstone - and this review will be for new players or those thinking about starting it, just to make you aware.

Friday will then see another round of Premier League predictions as the tedious break for approved nationalism in sport ends and domestic top-flight football returns.

Dragon Age 'December'

As I've previously said, I'm going to start playing through Dragon Age: Origins in December, doing posts on the game's individual sections, but I only reminded myself of how long the game is yesterday and realised there's no chance of finishing it before 2019 actually comes along.

It won't be a problem, and certainly won't replace any other reviews for that time, but I can easily see it lasting for most of January, if not creeping into February too. This will cover all of the DLC content too, excluding Awakening - this will have it's own series of posts later in 2019 as it's effectively an entirely separate game that just needs Origins to be installed.

TV Review

The randomiser has chosen Stranger Things as the next show to watch, so I'll be working my way through that over the next week, with a review following the week after that. Looking forward to this as I've never seen even one episode of it before!


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