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Blog | Singapore-ing in the Rain


The heavens finally opened in the UK this weekend as the country finally got a good soaking after an extended heatwave. It felt very welcome at first, then quickly grew old when I realised that going anywhere meant getting absolutely drenched, so I'm currently sitting in my flat with what I wore earlier today currently parked in front of a dehumidifier.

Now, I'm not one of those 'Goldilocks' people who complains about the heat when it's hot, then the cold when it's cold, or the wet when it rains. However, the near-constant rain today was a bit of a piss-take. It was a very deceiving rain, that never looked too bad from indoors, but then made you wish you'd never stepped foot outside after being in it for anything more than a couple of minutes.

Still, I hope that the rain continues for now, although with the occasional dry patch here and there during the days. I go swimming first thing in the mornings and shower afterwards, so I expect to be done with getting drenched after that point, thank you very much.

Arsenal in Singapore

Speaking of floodgates opening, Arsenal absolutely battered a weak PSG in Singapore with a hefty 5-1 win. The Gunners looked pretty good, which was to be expected given the difference in quality between the two sides, but you can still see that they are getting used to the pressing game Unai Emery is demanding from them.

It only became really effective when some of the younger players came on, fired up and ready to impress by constantly chasing the opposition who were probably wishing the referee could've just ended the game fifteen minutes early. It'll be interesting to see how the system works when competitive football returns in two weeks' time when the Premier League kicks off again.

I do have to say that I'm not a fan of the club heading to Asia though. Yes, it's great for the fans out there who obviously don't get to see the team in the flesh very often, but it does damage pre-season preparations despite how much money it might make the club.

Players have complained in the past that the travelling alone takes around six days to deal with: one day of getting everything ready for the trip, including paperwork and travel documents; one day just spent travelling; then the day after arrival adapting to local time.

It's just a concern that the players might not be fully up to speed for the start of the season yet again, and a slow start could kill off any hope of a decent season this time with games against Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea all featuring early on. Hopefully, the club step up the training schedule to make up for the shortfall in time from the round trip.


Tomorrow's movie review is Shaun of the Dead, followed by a review of Agent Carter Season 1 on Wednesday, with an overall review of Tales from the Borderlands' first season on Thursday. I'll be seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp on Thursday night as it finally comes out in the UK, so expect a review of that film on Friday afternoon ready for the weekend.


Currently playing

Deadlight: Director's Cut - technically not currently being played, but is the next game to focus on now God of War is done with. I'll start this tomorrow and am hoping it will be good.

Detroit: Become Human - working my way through a second play-through and aiming for the 'golden' ending where everyone lives this time. I was close to it last time, but three characters were lost, but now I know how to save them.

No Man's Sky - the new update is pretty good and the game also looks better than ever. It's certainly been more enjoyable than when it first launched two years ago and I can see this possibly surpassing Euro Truck Simulator 2 as my 'podcast game' in the near future.

Currently watching

Archer Season 1 - much like Deadlight, I haven't started this yet, but will do tomorrow. Unlike Deadlight, I have watched Archer before and really enjoyed it, so I already know that this will be fun.



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