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Blog | Sunny Sunday


Why is it still so hot? This is Britain! Where's the grey skies and rain, damn it! And spending a day out in the sunshine has not done me any favours, so this is going to be a brief one.

Comic-Con Trailers

I haven't really kept up with all of the news coming out of San Diego, mainly because it's simply too much released in a short space of time to properly take in. That said, there were two trailers in particular that caught my eye - the image at the top might clue you in to one of them.

Yes, Glass looks really, really good. I absolutely loved Unbreakable from the first time I saw it and can't wait to see Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson's characters back in action. I haven't actually seen Split yet, although I want to, but I'm aware of what James McAvoy's character is capable of and am looking forward to all three coming together.

The other trailer that I really liked was for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Like Split, I haven't seen the most recent Godzilla film from 2014 that is set in the same continuity. I have seen and really enjoyed Kong: Skull Island though, and this looks like more of the same, but on a far more destructive, global scale.

I have to admit that it was Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune that really got me into this trailer though. It's a pretty 'out there' choice for a monster movie, but worked so well with the footage and how it was cut together that the only real worry I have now is about whether the final film can live up to the trailer.


Tomorrow sees a review of Jennifer Lawrence's spy thriller, Red Sparrow, and will be followed on Friday by the season one finale of Tales from the Borderlands, "Vault of the Traveler".

There's nothing else planned, but there could be something on Wednesday if I finish God of War, the Thor story collection, or find the time to write something on Euro Truck Simulator 2.



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