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A younger Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

After the final two episodes of Telltale's Game of Thrones are posted next week, there'll be a slight change to how some reviews are done. To begin with, episodic titles will now only be reviewed in their entirety as standard, instead of writing about each episode individually.

The first reason for this is simply because I already had a lot of the reviews written before Movies. Games. TV. ever launched in the first place. I don't have as much time now, so it doesn't seem to really make that much sense to commit to writing five or six reviews instead of just one.

An example of this can be seen with the recent Sam and Max review, which I was all too happy to get out of the way in a single post rather than having to suffer through half a dozen entries that would've probably got me to give up on the game before the end.

Another reason is that each entry tends to have the same strengths and weaknesses, especially from a gameplay point of view. Sure, certain episodes might have better story or character content than others, but that still doesn't justify an entire review for each episode either.

This isn't to say that there won't be multi-part reviews in the future, but they'll be reserved for longer titles that aren't episodic, but still have clearly-defined sections to them. As more specific examples, BioWare's games are some that will be split up similar to the recent post about the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

In addition to finishing the Sith Warrior's story, I would very much like to go back through both Knights of the Old Republic games, the Dragon Age series, and the Mass Effect games. All these titles have areas that tend to have their own self-contained story-lines and those posts might end up being more similar to a Let's Play with a review at the end, rather than judging each section.

However, the first series that will get a more extended look might have been given away by the image at the top. Yes, I've been getting that itch to revisit the Uncharted series and have decided to add to my backlog by ordering the Nathan Drake Collection so I can play through them all in order.

Admission: I never played the first game, so that will be a completely new experience for me - still, new Uncharted content for me in 2018 isn't something I'm going to complain about. The second game, Among Thieves, is where I entered the series although I didn't think it was quite the all-time classic a lot of people did.

The set-pieces were great, but it felt over-long and the ending just felt like a slog and I never went back to it after finishing it the one time so far. I liked Drake's Deception more because it felt a little more grounded rather than turning into a more typical game-with-monsters, although it also ran a little long and only finished that once too.

Uncharted 4 was much more my speed, and it helped that the game was entirely absent of supernatural elements, with a far more character-centric narrative and a story that felt far more mature than anything in the series so far - which I think is partly why some didn't like it.

The Lost Legacy is the most recent and is probably my favourite of the bunch, even with Nathan Drake entirely absent. The shorter length meant there were less lulls in the story, and the change in main characters was definitely refreshing.

What I'm trying to say is that I think the series got better with every instalment and am really interested to see if I still think that way after going through them all again. Either way, fun shall be had while I also play other games to ensure my backlog does actually continue to shrink!



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