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This is near the start of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - and yes, you can talk to the tiny purple gorilla

Surprisingly for me, a common thread for multiple, different subjects that otherwise have no obvious connection. I suppose this follows on nicely from yesterday, with my acknowledgement that I'm going to wind up playing the first Uncharted game after all the others.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

To continue with games, it was only yesterday that I discovered I had the original game, The Longest Journey, in my Steam library. I want to play franchises in order when they come up, but this somehow slipped through the net.

Even though I'm not too far into Dreamfall, I don't really want to stop when I don't know how long it'll be before I come back to it. So the plan is to finish Dreamfall and, when The Longest Journey comes up to be played it'll simply be viewed with knowledge of how the story continued on.

Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

The fixture list was definitely in the wrong order for Unai Emery's start at the club, with games against Man City and Chelsea among the toughest possible starts imaginable. If that wasn't enough, the squad left behind by Wenger was in a shocking state and I can see it being a couple of seasons before Emery can get the team playing how he wants.

I just hope he gets that time to develop the squad and the playing style, having already seen some fans ready to give up and thinking nothing's changed. The situation with Arsenal's fan-base reminds me of Frasier, when he had lost his job and then struggled to deal with the fact that he wasn't famous anymore.

I think a lot of Arsenal fans still need to go through the same process with their view of the club, especially as I imagine a large majority grew up used to success under George Graham and Arsene Wenger; they need to come to terms with the fact that those days are gone at least in the short-term and that it could take years for the club to even begin to approach where they used to be.


Getting things back into the right order, a review of In Bruges will be posted tomorrow, the final two episodes of Telltale's Game of Thrones on Tuesday and Thursday, with Deadlight: Director's Cut the game review for next Friday.


Currently playing

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - enjoyable enough so far, it just always takes a little while to get used to the older visuals whenever I start playing it in comparison to modern games.

Hearthstone - I've built a few decks which are mostly fun, but that's all I really think anyone can get from this game now. There are just too many serious issues for a game like this that prevent it from being a genuinely good game.

Currently watching

Gilmore Girls season 2 - seven episodes in and enjoying it as much as the first season, with the quality level remaining pretty much the same; I do not like Jess (Milo Ventimiglia),

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