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Deadpool and Logan

Talking about two movies already released (and the one to come)

Deadpool, bloody knife in hand, beckoning someone to come towards him - from Deadpool & Wolverine


- As the title of the post may have given away, I've (re-)watched two movies over the last week mainly due to the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer being released.

- Deadpool (and its sequel) and Logan are so far apart in tone that it was honestly a little weird to watch both movies so close together while knowing the main characters were going to be in the same film soon.

- I never used to agree with the sentiment that the MCU movies were all alike, as there was enough of a difference in tone and focus to satisfy me at least.

- But watching Deadpool and Logan again, and how different they are, has made me realise why even a huge Marvel geek like myself has been losing interest in the MCU: a lack of variety in tone.

- Since Avengers: Endgame, it feels like only Wakanda Forever and Eternals were attempts to make more serious movies, even if both did have humorous moments in them.

- I think too many MCU movies (and the Disney+ shows) have tilted too far towards the comedy side of things, making very few stories stand out as something that can be taken seriously by audiences.

- It works in some cases, with James Gunn's expert handling of the Guardians of the Galaxy and closing out their trilogy, and She-Hulk being about as comic accurate an adaptation of a character you could wish for.

- It's almost like Marvel Studios went too far in the opposite direction to DC; where they were accused (mostly accurately) of messing things up by making everything Batman-dark, Marvel appear to be running away from doing anything like that at all.

- Let's see an 15/18-rated Blade movie; have Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing rip apart/burn people alive in full colour; have Doctor Strange and Moon Knight deal with some truly terrifying enemies.

- I don't think Deadpool & Wolverine will tip things back towards the MCU having a little more seriousness in it, because it is a Deadpool movie after all, but I'm hoping that it is a first step towards a greater variety of tones once more.

- Marvel Studios should get back to making more action and character-centred movies that audiences can take seriously, with comedic moments to break things up or lighten the mood if fitting for the characters, rather than treating everything like one big joke.


- No games finished yet, although steady progress is still being made through Harold Halibut, The Quarry and Mass Effect 2.

- Having not played the first two before, it'll be interesting to see how I feel about them once done as my opinion on both is relatively mixed right now.


- Birthday celebrations for a friend ate into my free time over the last week, so I was unable to finish season four of The West Wing in time to write about it this week.

- While I have seen the entire series multiple times before and am fully aware of the utterly fantastic ending to the season, I do want to actually complete re-watching it before I write about it.



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