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December Schedule

The nightmare year is finally over...


As 2020 draws to an end, it's time to not just reflect on what has happened so far this year, but to also look forward to 2021 and how things can - and in the case of this site, will - change. Mainly because things aren't working out quite as well as they are and a new year seems like the perfect time to shake things up.

The schedule of new posts on Mondays and Thursdays will stay the same, but individual review posts for movies, games and TV shows will be going away and so will these schedule posts. Instead, each post will cover whatever I'm currently working my way through, instead of spreading them out.

Having a schedule as has been the case since May has definitely been a huge help in working my way through the backlog of media I have to get through, but having to set up and write individual review pieces for each one is slowing me down and I simply don't have the time to write new posts at a faster rate than I currently do.

As an example, it's taken months to get through Sherlock, but under the new format it would've taken just the one, as I would've been able to give my opinion on each season/special in brief and moved straight on to the next. While I might not go into as much detail on each thing I finish now, my opinion will still be stated all the same.

Also, having a set schedule has restricted me from doing certain things I want to do - and especially stopped me playing certain games I want to - because I want to finish them at my own pace rather than having a set date to get it done by and potentially rushing through a TV show or game and thinking lesser of it because I gave myself a deadline for no reason.

While there won't be any set schedule, each new post from 4th January 2021 and onwards will still detail whatever I'm planning to watch, play or read next while giving mini reviews of anything I finished since the previous post. And there may be times when a post ends up being a review of something I like a lot - expect anything I find a 10/10 to get this treatment, plus bigger games that simply need the extra space to cover everything in them.

This is the last month of 2020 and the last month of the current format, ending appropriately with a look back at the best of this year.


Monday 7th December - movie review: Borat

I hadn't seen this - or anything involving the character - before, but the sequel coming out made me think I should remedy that fact.

Thursday 10th December - movie review: Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm

Speaking of the sequel... I decided to take advantage of my latest Amazon Prime free trial and fit it in before time ran out.

Monday 14th December - game review: Batman: Arkham City | Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC

Finally found the few hours needed to polish this off and clear the game from my PC, so it'll be Arkham Origins up next at some point in the future.

Thursday 17th December - game review: Aviary Attorney

Finished playing this ages ago, but never found the space to squeeze in the review until now.

Monday 21st December - game review: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Took longer than I thought it would to complete, especially because it's nowhere near the full story of the original FFVII - still, it's done and just in time for Christmas,

Thursday 24th December - movie review: The Personal History of David Copperfield

I don't know if this had a very short run in cinemas, because this was released before any kind of lockdown restrictions came into place and seemed to vanish before I got to see it - free trial again to the rescue!

Monday 28th December - game review: The Council

I'd been meaning to play this for quite a while, as I do love me some choice-based games and the period setting alone made it stand out from the crowd.

Thursday 31st December - Best of 2020

The best movie & TV show I watched, along with the best game I played, that were released in the UK in 2020.



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