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Blog | Hotter than Muspelheim


Today, my brain is really frazzled from the heat and I'm currently wishing there was some way to punch the temperature into submission much like the Hulk tried to do to Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok.

I have noticed the heat might be starting to affect some people's tempers in the UK, even with England making it through to the semi-finals (which really should be the minimum from the side of the draw they ended up on, but let's go with this being some heroic and unexpected achievement).

Yes, there were a lot of public celebrations yesterday, but a lot of that partying was extremely drunken, and caused a lot of damage which has - unsurprisingly - annoyed the hell out of the people who either got hurt, had their property damaged, or have to deal with the clean-up.

The problem is that the further England go in the World Cup, the more damage will be caused by drunken morons and those just wanting to cause a little mayhem. I've already seen more than a few people already turning against the England team and hoping they get eliminated as a result.

Over the top? Actually, I don't think so. Women around the country are already suffering because of the football, so the increasing number of victims around the country - mainly at the hands of violent, drunken men - is more than a little disturbing right now.


Tomorrow will feature a review of American Psycho, a film set in the Eighties but featuring a leading character who could easily fit into today's world. Wednesday will feature a review of the first season of The Gilmore Girls, and Friday will see the next episode of Tales From The Borderlands reviewed.

I'm sure there'll be more football action to talk about with the World Cup semi-finals being played during the week, and - if I get it finished - possibly a review of God of War too.

Speaking of which...


Currently playing

God of War (2018) - continuing the Norse theme, and struggling with heat, I'm currently slogging my way through the Muspelheim trials. I think I'm on the fourth of six arenas, which are best played with breaks in-between, because they are one hell of a slog. The omnipresent orange-black colour scheme doesn't really excite either.

Currently reading

Marvel Platinum Definitive Thor Redux - hey, when there's a theme, you stick to it. Lots of fun seeing Thor battle Hela and dealing with various threats. Saying that, I think I'm too used to Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of the character now; all the faux-Shakespearean dialogue can be a little grating at times.

Currently watching

iZombie season 1 - six episodes in now and still enjoying it, although it does feel like it's missing a certain something to make me really like it. I love the main cast (Blaine excepted), but the world and story-telling feel remarkably mundane for such an 'out there' premise.



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