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Lost in Random

Never has a game's strange title felt more fitting for my current mental state.


A day late thanks to needing to recover from a night out for Halloween on Tuesday, which is just about the case now - just in time for a meal this evening for my birthday which will be followed by another big night out at the weekend to properly celebrate while also taking in a fireworks display if the current crappy weather has died down at least a bit by then. It's a hard life sometimes...



- No new movies watched since last time, although I did get through the latest Mission: Impossible again to see if my opinion of it would change on a second watching, which it hasn't.

- It's still comfortably enjoyable to spend time with characters we've grown used to over the years, but little more than that.

- It's also interesting to note that the digital copy I own is still titled Dead Reckoning: Part 1 after the recent news story that the second part is going to be re-named so it isn't called Dead Reckoning: Part 2; I wonder if existing digital copies will actually get a re-name to just Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning, or if they'll leave whatever exists as 'collector' copies.


- As for the game whose title is at the top of the post, I've played enough of Lost in Random to pass my 'Endgame Rule' and decided to stop as it was a chore to even get that far.

- The story crawls along at a snail's pace and the combat is just tedious, with enemies spawning in from nowhere after you defeat the initial opponents and they take far too long to defeat to be enjoyable.

- I really wish this game had a 'Storybook' difficulty setting so you could just go through it and defeat enemies a lot faster though, because I think it would help the story immensely to just be able to get on with things.

- As it is, I really like how Lost in Random looks and sounds, but there's too much tedious gameplay to get properly invested in what's going on, as said tedium means it takes forever for any real developments to occur. [4/10]


- Guess what? Yep, still no TV watched...

- I do have a few days off this week and next week, so am hoping to change that for the short term at least.



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