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Movies | Everything I Love About Avengers: Infinity War


Movie summary: The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. (IMDb)

I didn't want to call this a review because it really, really isn't one. Instead, it's a very long list of everything I loved about this movie and some of my favourite quotes, in the order they occur and acting as almost a commentary on the movie. Needless to say, Infinity War was one of my favourite movies of 2018.


I love that there's no opening fanfare. I love that the Marvel Studios logo turns black. I love that it's Thor director Kenneth Branagh voicing the Asgardian distress call. I love Thanos picking up Thor like a tiny rag-doll. I love the shot of the Black Order surrounding Loki. I love Thanos holding his fist up with the Power Stone in the Infinity Gauntlet just like the comics. I love that Thanos is surprised at Loki telling him to kill Thor. I love Loki saving his brother. I love Loki's embarrassment at actually having the Tesseract when Thor believed it was destroyed with Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok. "We have the Hulk." "Let him have his fun." I love Thanos demolishing the Hulk like a trained, seasoned warrior against some amateur brawler.

I love Ebony Maw casually restraining Thor. I love Heimdall finally showing us how Thor got to Earth in The Avengers. I love Ebony Maw 'gagging' Thor just as casually. I love Thanos crushing the Tesseract, an object that has plagued the Avengers and Captain America across three movies. I love Loki offering his services. I love Loki calling himself Odinson. I love Loki showing Thor what he plans and that this isn't another betrayal. "Undying? You should choose your words more carefully." I love that this movie is somehow rated 12A despite this very graphic murder with bone-crunching neck snap. I love that Loki talks down to Thanos despite his predicament. "No resurrections this time." I love Thor crawling to the body of his brother.

I love Silvestri's score as the Hulk is sent to Earth. I love Strange's bickering with Wong. "I wouldn't say no to a tuna melt." I love that Strange has no idea who Thanos is even if the audience definitely do by now. I love the Avengers theme.

New York

I love Tony babbling about his dream. I love Strange surprising Tony and Pepper. I love Strange congratulating them on their wedding. I love their surprise at seeing Banner. I love that there are Avengers-themed Ben & Jerry flavours in this universe. I love that Strange and Stark don't like each other at all. I love Stark's reluctance to call Cap. I love that Strange clearly knows why. I love Stark having to catch Banner up (and some of the audience, no doubt) with the events of Captain America: Civil War.

I love that they hear the screams from outside before seeing the cause of them. I love the one-shot following Tony outside and down the street. I love the drone of the ship in the background replacing the score. I love Stark and Strange walking out into the street with the giant ship overhead. I love that we get to see Spidey's spider-sense kick in. I love that Ned is just reacting to seeing the ship floating over New York and doing what Spidey wanted him to anyway. I love Stan Lee's cameo. I love Spidey skimming the water as he swings away. I love Strange clearing the debris and winking at Stark. I love that Ebony Maw just ignores Stark, but clearly respects Strange as a bearer of an Infinity Stone.

"Get lost, Squidward." "Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizards." I love Tony's new suit and how it appears. I love how casual Ebony Maw is the entire time. I love Banner hitting himself to try and bring out Hulk. I love how easily Spider-Man stops Cull Obsidian's attack. I love Strange and Wong teaming up to actually hurt Ebony Maw. I love the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference with Maw's burnt hand when he tries to take the Time Stone. I love the Cloak of Levitation saving Strange. I love that Spidey is apparently a Star Trek fan. I love Wong chopping off Obsidian's hand with a portal. I love the Iron Spider costume. "Oh, come on!" I love that Stark already knows that this is likely to be a one-way trip.


I love the music introducing the Guardians to the movie starting before they even appear. I love the change in colour palette. I love that Drax is asleep while the music is playing, but Gamora is lip-syncing to the music. I love Quill trying to satisfy Drax and Rocket without annoying Gamora. I love Mantis' mean face. I love their reactions to Groot's reply to Quill. I love that Thor has his face smooshed against a clear surface again. I love Drax's reaction to Thor. I love Quill's reaction to the others saying he's put on weight. "It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel." I love that Gamora gives us the first 'snap' of the movie.

I love Quill's expression when Thor touches Gamora's shoulder. I love Quill's imitation of Thor. I love Mantis' enthusiasm when pointing out when he does it again. I love Thor's spelling out of where all the Infinity Stones are - for the Guardians and the audience. "All words are made up." I love Rocket's excitement about going to Nidavellir. "I bid you farewell and good luck, morons. Bye!"


I love Vision having trouble speaking about his feelings for Wanda. I love the sudden shock of Corvus Glaive stabbing Vision. I love Corvus scraping the train station floor with his weapon as he and Proxima Midnight approach Wanda and Vision. I love the reveal of Captain America's silhouette and his entrance to the movie. I still love the Avengers theme!

I love seeing the Chitauri again. I love seeing young Gamora. I love Quill and Gamora being interrupted by Drax eating. I love Drax thinking he's invisible. "Hi, Drax!" I love that the Guardians get to go back to Knowhere. I love that the group ignore Quill's signal to stop. I love that Drax's desire to avenge his family goes beyond reason. I love the Guardians ducking out of sight like kids after Mantis puts Drax to sleep and he clangs to the floor. I love the complex nature of Gamora and Thanos' relationship already. I love the Collector applauding Gamora. I love him waving goodbye as reality is restored to normal.

I love Thanos warping Drax and Mantis' bodies with the Reality Stone. I love Quill insulting Thanos. I love Thanos daring Quill to kill Gamora. I love that Quill would've actually gone through with it. I love that Thanos likes Quill because of his will to do what was needed.

Avengers HQ

I love that Rhodey is happy to take a court martial because he's happy to see his friends. I love the acknowledgement of Bruce and Natasha's relationship from Age of Ultron and that it's never brought up again. "There's an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man?" I love that Vision refers back to the events of Captain America: The First Avenger to argue with Cap. I love that Black Panther's music kicks in before Steve says a word.


I love the establishing shot of Wakanda. I love that Bucky has apparently refused an artificial arm and chooses to live with his disability. I love that he looks and sounds sick of fighting but knows he has to this time.

The 'flying donut'

I love the camera tilting around Strange. I love that Ebony May considers Strange "vaguely irritating". I love that the Cloak of Levitation put its 'hands' up to stop Stark blasting it. I love Stark and Spidey bickering with the Cloak mimicking Stark's body language. "Did you ever see this really old movie, Aliens?" I love that Stark saves Strange out of professional courtesy, not friendship. I love the Wilhelm Scream when Ebony Maw is sucked into space. I love Spidey cheering for the nano-legs saving him then wondering what they are. I love that the Cloak ignores Spidey's greeting to get back to Strange. I love that Stark and Strange really don't like each other.

I love that Strange wonders if Spidey is Stark's ward. I love that Spidey thinks Doctor Strange is a made-up name. I love that Stark is still struggling with PTSD following the events of The Avengers in a six-year piece of continuity. I love that Strange is pragmatic enough to let others die to save the universe. I love Spidey's look of pride at becoming an Avenger quickly change to anxiety at what they're up against.

Thanos' ship

I love the interaction between Thanos and Gamora giving greater depth to their relationship. I love the VFX work on Thanos allowing for an eight-foot tall, CGI purple alien to convincingly take part in this kind of scene. I love the initial shot of Nebula making her look okay until the camera moves to the side. I love that Thanos admits that she almost succeeded in killing him by herself! I love that the relationship between Nebula and Gamora is strong enough for the latter to risk half the population of the universe to stop her sister being tortured (this is 4 years after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). I love that she does this even though Nebula is shaking her head telling her not to.

Arriving at Nidavellir

I love that Thor speaks Groot. I love Rocket showing leadership and trying to console Thor. I love Chris Hemsworth's acting here, combining humour and tragedy perfectly - Thor has lost a lot! "He's never fought me twice!" I love that Thor thinks he has nothing left to lose. I love that Rocket gives Thor a new eye, apparently still stealing artificial body parts. I love that Groot is fascinated by the sight of Thor putting his new eye. "Oh. I would've washed that. The only way I could sneak if off Contraxia was up my-" I love that Thor slaps himself thinking his eye isn't working.

I love that Peter Dinklage plays the tallest character in the movie. I love Eitri revealing Thanos will ignore his 'kill half' philosophy when it suits him, killing all the dwarves except for him.


I love how easily Nebula escapes captivity and that she contacts the Guardians for help.

Arrival on Titan

I love the initial signs of respect between Stark and Strange, with the former admitting he owes one to the latter after they crash-land on Titan. I love that Stark is fed up of Spidey's pop culture references. I love that the Cloak of Levitation can handle Drax by itself. I love that Quill shows an an experienced gadget-based fighter can take on both Iron Man and Spider-Man at the same time. I love Spidey panicking about the idea of Mantis putting eggs in him. "I'll do you one better: why is Gamora?" I love Mantis and Strange agreeing that Drax can't take it from Stark. I love that Strange's hands are still shaking from his injuries in his origin. "What master do I serve? What am I supposed to say? Jesus?" I love that Quill is still petty about Thor.


I love that Rocket(!) thinks the name of Stormbreaker is a bit much.

Avengers and Guardians

I love Stark struggling to deal with the Guardians of the Galaxy and their irreverance. "Kick names, take ass." I love Quill getting annoyed at Spidey saying Flashdance was never the greatest movie in history. I love that Quill takes being called 'Flash Gordon' as a compliment.

I love that everything that happens on Titan from this point on is probably part of Strange's plan to ultimately defeat Thanos.


I love how gorgeous Vormir looks. I love that the freaking Red Skull returns in another call-back to Captain America: The First Avenger. I love that the Space Stone was so disgusted by the Skull that it banished him to Vormir knowing he would be cursed to stay there as guardian of the Soul Stone, unable to claim it for himself. I love the VFX work on Thanos again here in a lot of close-ups as he realises what he has to sacrifice. "They're not for him." I love the music here despite Thanos murdering Gamora.

Wakandan Avengers

I love Okoye complaining that this isn't what she imagined when T'Challa said he was going to open up Wakanda to the rest of the world. I love Rhodey trolling Banner by getting him to bow to T'Challa. I love that Bucky appears genuinely happy again once he sees Steve.

I love that Shuri is smarter than Banner and she knows it. I love just how strong Wakanda's shield barrier is and so does Bucky. "And get this man a shield."

Re-lighting the forge

Thor using Rocket's ship as an track and field hammer. I love that Rocket is still letting Thor call him 'Rabbit' because he knows Thor is using it fondly and not an insult. I love Rocket's expression as Nidavellir re-ignites.

Battle preparations

I love the look on Okoye's face after Banner trips over in the Hulkbuster suit. I love M'Baku leading the Jabari chant as the Wakandan forces line up. I love that Proxima Midnight deceives the heroes about what happened to Corvus Glaive.

I love just how savage and wild the Outriders are. I love T'Challa leading his forces in a chant of "Yibambe!" (hold fast!) and that all his commands are in Xhosa, not English. I love seeing War Machine live up to his name when he bombs the Outriders. I love that Earth's last roar of defiance is "Wakanda Forever!"

I love just how fast Captain America and Black Panther are compared to the others.

Creating the axe

"Yes. That's what... k-killing you means." I love how so many people don't understand that heat tolerance and physical strength are different things. I love Groot finally giving something to the cause by creating the handle for Stormbreaker from his arm.

The God of Thunder

I love the score growing bleaker as the battle in Wakanda turns against the heroes. I love War Machine living up to his name to an even greater degree before Cull Obsidian knocks him out of the air. I love the bifrost slamming into the ground.

I love, love, love the Avengers theme blaring as Thor arrives with Rocket and Groot, single-handedly turning the tide back in Wakanda's favour.

Attack on Titan

I love Thanos showing Strange why he's doing what he is and explaining he wants to save the universe from what happened to Titan. I love that Thanos gives us the second 'snap' of the movie when explaining his 'mercy'. I love that he can fight off Drax and Strange at the same time while blinded by Spidey's webbing.

I love Quill giving Thanos the finger before hopping through a portal as the bomb he put on the villain's back goes off. I love Spidey fighting using Strange's portals. I love Nebula crashing her ship right into Thanos before attacking him herself while demanding to know where Gamora is.

I love that Mantis is strong enough to overwhelm Thanos without any practice like with Ego. I love Quill boasting to Stark about his plan working. I love that Quill's love for Gamora overrides reason and undoes everything, perfectly in character for the man-child he's always been.

I love Spidey saving Mantis after Thanos throws her away. I love Thanos throwing Titan's moon at his opponents, crushing Iron Man.

Battle of Wakanda

I love Black Panther taking down Cull Obsidian with one hit. I love Bucky and Rocket taking down a group of Outsiders. I love that Rocket tries to buy Bucky's gun and, when that fails, his artificial arm. I love Cap and Thor commenting on each other's new looks. "I am Steve Rogers."

I love Wanda saving Black Widow and Okoye. I love that Oyo and Shuri put up the greatest resistance when Corvus Glaive reveals he is still alive. I love that Proxima Midnight is good enough a fighter to take on Black Widow and Okoye at the same time.

"Oh, screw you, you big, green asshole!" I love that Corvus Glaive is equal to taking on Cap and Vision until taken by surprise - Oyo lasted longer than Cap in a one-on-one fight with him!

Avengers: Endgame

I love Spider-Man saving the Guardians, even if he can't remember their names. I love the entire Thanos vs Doctor Strange fight, brief as it is. I love the Thanos v Iron Man fight too. "All that for a drop of blood." I love Thanos just beating down Stark as easy as anything.

I love how much the movie made me realise I actually do like Stark when Thanos stabs him. I love how giving up the Time Stone is clearly part of Strange's plan considering what he said to Stark earlier. I love that Stark doesn't get this yet, wondering why Strange would do that.

"We're in the endgame now."

Thanos runs the gauntlet

I love that the Outriders are now running away, Wakanda clearly winning thanks to Thor's intervention. I love the wind howling even before Thanos arrives in Wakanda. I love the score as he appears. I love that Thanos just keeps heading towards Vision despite all the heroes' efforts.

I love Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen's performances as the score becomes more prominent than the sound effects. I love that Cap is the only hero who gets to try and and stop Thanos twice, even if he fails both times. I love that Wanda is powerful enough to destroy an Infinity Stone while holding back Thanos - who has five of them.

I love that Vision's last words are "I love you." I love that Thanos sympathises what Wanda did, admiring her conviction to sacrifice someone she loved to achieve her goal. I love that using the Time Stone has the same visual effect as in Doctor Strange's own movie.

I love that Thanos just plucks the stone out of Vision's head. I love that Stormbreaker powers through the blast from a completed Infinity Gauntlet. I love that Thanos still knows he's won and taunts Thor about it before snapping his fingers - rule of three in effect for snaps in this movie.

I love the quiet scene when Thanos sees a vision of Gamora inside the Soul Stone. I love the clang when Stormbreaker falls to the ground after Thanos escapes. I love that there's no score at all as characters turn to ashes - just dialogue and sound effects. I love that Wanda looks almost relieved to be killed; almost understandable considering what we've seen her go through in the MCU.

Titanic failure

I love the differing reactions of the Guardians to being 'snapped': Mantis seems unaware it's happening to her, Drax sounds scared, and Quill sounds irritated. I love that Strange is calm about it, knowng that this had to happen for them to stand a chance of winning.

"Mr Stark? I don't feel so good." I love that Spidey's death, probably the most emotional scene in the movie for a majority of the audience, was improvised. I love that Stark goes to rub the dirt off his hands until he realises that the dirt is all that's left of the teenager he brought into the Avengers.

I love that all of the original Avengers survived the snap, giving the next movie a chance to be a final adventure together. "Oh, God." I love the music as Thanos watches the sun rise on a 'grateful' universe - exactly as he intended.

The end

I love that there are no fancy animated credits. I love the slow, sad Avengers theme on piano as the movie's title comes up. I love that there's no mid-credits scene. I love that we get to see Nick Fury and Maria Hill again in the post-credits scene. I love we get to see the effects of the 'snap' from street level in a city. I love that it's all one take from the moment Fury and Hill get out of the car until the scene ends.

I love that it's the symbol of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel who provides the solitary ray of hope at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

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