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New Year, New Schedule

Spreading the load.


With things falling apart at speed here in the UK thanks to the Conservatives and their media lackeys, things have gotten more than a little hectic over the last two years and I'd like to try and bring at least some semblance of order back to my life where I can. As a result, I'm going to switch back to two posts a week from Monday onwards, with one review per post for the most part.

I say for the most part because I still want to make sure each post is worth the time of anyone reading even if putting the reviews up in the first place is an attempt to clear my head of my thoughts on whatever media I've been consuming rather than repeatedly going back over it again and again. To this end, each single review will be at least 500 words on its own - any less and I'll save it for when I can double it up with another smaller review to post together.

Also, while I work through the last few pieces of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, I'll make sure to double them up with a game review to make sure I can get that out of the way with something that at least belongs in the same medium. I won't be doing any more 'Game Play' posts again, as it's far more effort than it's worth, even if I have enjoyed getting to enjoy Dragon Age: Origins all over again.

Posts will now be each Monday and Friday, appearing at 8pm GMT on those days, with an effort at making sure Mondays are movie days because I like alliteration. It also means that when my friends and I are comfortable going back to the movies on opening weekends when the screenings will be at their most crowded, the review of any new movie will be as soon as possible after seeing it rather than waiting almost a week for it to go up.

I'm also going to change how I do TV shows depending on what stage of completion they're at and how long they run. Shows that are finished? I'll watch the entire series and then post a review of the show as a whole, looking at each season in the review. Shows that are seasons in and still running? I'll post a review of each season on its own until I'm caught up and will wait for the latest season to finish before writing anything about it.

Shorter shows (such as the Marvel Disney+ offerings will still be reviewed on an episode-by-episode basis and might well end up being the posts I tag on shorter reviews to in order to make them worthwhile. Any new shows with episode counts close to or in double figures for a season will be reviewed after the season has been completed.

I actually do need to get around to catching up with TV stuff too - I've got plenty of movie reviews set for the next several weeks (that might well be bumped further down the calendar depending on how many new movies I get to see), along with several games thanks to a ludicrous Steam backlog and the incredible value of the Game Pass service on Xbox.

All in all, it won't mean much more writing for me as I'll simply be splitting the multiple reviews in Friday posts out into reviews on their own, but having a set routine for both starting and finishing the week should prove useful just for keeping my head clear more often than it has been so far in 2022. Hopefully this does the trick and I get to have more fun this year than I've had since the whole mess with Covid-19 began.



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