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Poor Things

Not poor - more strange, odd, weird, bizarre, kooky and every synonym for those words you can imagine.

Emma Stone as Bella Baxter in Poor Things


- Well, what can you say about Poor Things beyond the fact that it's really fucking weird?

- Unfortunately, that means that like The Grand Budapest Hotel, the oddness of everything going on meant I didn't really connect with the characters at all.

- Fortunately, it was still entertaining enough that I enjoyed my time with the movie, although a lot of that has to do with the visuals.

- Don't get me wrong, some of the sights are truly bizarre and seem to exist purely to be bizarre, but pretty much every scene is still drop dead gorgeous to watch.

- Emma Stone is very good as Bella Baxter, although I think she's helped somewhat by Bella being a very strange person with an odd speaking style, which helps cover up any accent slips.

- Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe on the other hand...

- Whatever accent Ruffalo is trying to do, it's bad and inconsistent, which spoils a very funny performance otherwise.

- As for Dafoe, his accent veers from his natural American, to German-like (befitting his role as a quasi-Frankenstein scientist), eastern European and also Scottish, which I think is the actual intended accent.

- The strange nature of the movie and it's various settings being unlike anything in reality for the most part help to cover up the men being unable to master their dialogue as well as Stone.

- I did feel while watching the movie that this felt like a condensed adaptation of a longer book, and it turns out there actually is a book!

- I'm definitely interested in reading it now, so good job on the movie's part in that respect, but mainly because I think having things given greater depth might be an improvement.

- The movie isn't bad, but, much like The Favourite from the same director, it did feel somewhat less than the sum of its parts and a little unsatisfying as a result.

- I would still recommend watching Poor Things at least once, mainly for how visually striking and flat out bizarre it all is, but I don't have any real interest in ever watching it again. [6/10]


- No games finished, which is a situation not helped by the fact that I've now started my annual playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy taking advantage of the Legendary Edition again.

- I am making progress in other games though: I've just started the third episode of Life is Strange 2 and am chipping away at A Little to the Left on Game Pass as a nice break from narrative-heavy games.


- Resuming Star Wars: The Clone Wars is still the plan, although not underway just yet, but soon...



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