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Ted Lasso, Season Three

Going out in a blaze of glory?

Ted and Nate come face-to-face in an important match, from Ted Lasso Season Three

Apologies for the late post, but real life stuff got in the way so this is a little bit later than usual - not writing these things until the day I post them works well to stop me putting unnecessary pressure on myself, not so much if I don't get the time to write the damn thing!



- No, I still haven't seen The Marvels yet, partly due to the 'real life stuff' mentioned above, but I have a long weekend coming up and am planning on seeing both it and the latest Hunger Games movie at some point over the next few days.

- One movie I have watched since last week is Titanic yet again, which I now genuinely believe is my favourite of James Cameron's movies thanks to just how damn good it all is without keeping to one genre: drama, historical fiction, romance and a disaster movie all in one? Yes please.


- This is where I've been really slacking off thanks to the 'real life stuff', with only a bit more of my Dark Urge playthrough in Baldur's Gate 3 and some more Marvel Snap having been played since my last post.

- I do intend to get back on the Life is Strange Remastered bandwagon this weekend though and get at least two more episodes done by next Wednesday.

- What I have to be careful about at the moment is that Steam are having another sale and only nine of sixty-seven(!) games on my Wishlist aren't on sale, and that's only because five of them haven't even been released yet!

- I've got a lot of Steam store credit and a lot of games I want, but I can't justify it right now with such a large backlog... can I?


- Ted Lasso Season Three is done and dusted, with it both sticking the landing and not, which I didn't really expect to happen at all.

- The best description/comparison I can say is that it felt a lot like 'lesser' MCU fare, where the larger story arc of how the team is doing felt okay at best, but the character work was so well done that it lifted the quality of the entire season.

- I think the show was lucky that this dip in narrative quality happened only in it's final season, as I'm not sure it would've been as popular and successful as it was with two full seasons of development to prop up everything.

- This is exemplified by the fact that pretty much every episode is double-sized compared to the first season, so it really does feel almost like a combined season three and four in one go.

- It works great in how it allows us to spend more time with the characters and get them where they need to be by the time the very good (but not great) finale rolls around, but sacrifices the bigger picture to do so by putting everything on hold when needed.

- As a result, the finale is robbed of that certain special something because the entire season had basically been teaching me to not care about anything in the show other than the characters and their relationships with each, so why bother changing that in the final episode?

- Still, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Season Three and Ted Lasso as a whole, and would fully recommend it to anyone, whether you're a football fan or not. [8/10]



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