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Ted Lasso, Seasons One & Two

A strong start, but not quite able to maintain the high levels needed for continued success.

Roy Kent, Ted Lasso and Coach Beard from Ted Lasso


- Okay, so I didn't get to see The Marvels at the weekend, although that was due to advancing years meaning recovering from a night out to celebrate a friend's birthday meaning I was no fit shape to do anything.

- I do still plan on seeing it on the big screen though, as the audience seems to be pretty positive (although not exactly super-enthusiastic) outside of the usual suspects whose opinions on any women/PoC-led pieces of media can be pretty safely ignored.

- I did get around to watching Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part 1 again though thanks to getting the 4K version, although my opinion of it is still relatively unchanged.

- It still looks and sounds amazing, but it does feel very much like a 'Part 1' and not a complete film in its own right, with its Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay still baffling to me.


- I polished off the Arkham Episodes for Batman: Arkham Knight and have to say that I really wish I'd done them sooner as they're all pretty poor, feeling either unsatisfying or untested.

- I've moved on to Life is Strange Remastered to replace the Bat going forward, and will be switching back and forth between that series and Supermassive's horror games for the foreseeable future.

- So far, I've only got through the first episode and, while enjoying it a little more because I know what I'm doing, it still feels like the game takes far too long to get everything really going.

- I'm also still playing through Baldur's Gate 3 with my Dark Urge bard and I continue to be amazed just how different an experience it is compared to the first time through.

- Marvel Snap continues to be funstrating.


- First off, I think the image at the top of this page might be from season 3 of Ted Lasso, but I let it slide as I'm halfway through that season anyway.

- Season One was pretty damned good, although just that little too far removed from reality for the emotional moments to hit as much as they could've, although it did mean the humour worked very well.

- It's strange seeing a TV show about British football and knowing how popular it got, but the cast are so good that it makes sense: they're a really interesting group that are great fun to spend time with.

- Spoiler alert: I was really happy that there wasn't any fairy-tale ending for the first season either, which I didn't expect at all, especially considering I already knew a little about how the team was going to do in the third season. [9/10]

- Season Two suffers from a slight dip as the show takes another step away from reality into its own weird parallel universe where everything is exaggerated just that little bit more again than the first season.

- Unfortunately, this means that the more emotional moments are that little bit weaker, but it also meant that the comedy didn't work quite as well either because of the increasing distance from reality.

- That's not to say it was a bad season at all, as I still thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend continuing to watch it if you enjoyed the first season, but thanks to binge-watching the entire series it's pretty clear to see that there's a definite step down in quality all the same. [8/10]

- I'm currently halfway through the third season and it does seem like the trend is continuing, with everything being exaggerated so far beyond reality that the show is bordering on becoming a cartoon at times, so I'm hoping the show can at least have some kind of decent ending.



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