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The Calm Before the Storm

Not a Life is Strange reference, just a quiet week before a big one.

A large tower in a wasteland, from Jusant

This is going to be a short one, so apologies in advance...



- No new movies watched since last week, I'm going to be watching quite a lot of movies, most of which I haven't seen before so it'll be interesting to see if they live up to the reactions others had to them.

- Among them will be Ghosted and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which I'm mentioning to show I'm not going to be shying away from movies that weren't well received at all when released.


- No games finished since last week, although the picture up top might give away to those in the know that I'm currently inching my way through Jusant, which I'm finding kind of 'meh' so far.

- I indulged my Dark Urge's murderous impulses on a helpless group of goblins in Baldur's Gate 3 as I continue to wobble-walk the line between good and evil, which I'm loving.

- I have Little Hope installed and ready to go, although I won't be starting it until next week so I can plow through it in an extended break from my day job until 2024.

- Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Marvel Snap are continuing to be a nice breather and funstrating respectively, balancing each other out pretty nicely.


- No new TV show started yet either, although I'm hoping to binge my way through Foundation and as much of For All Mankind as possible before the end of the year.

- Once I'm done with those two shows, that'll most likely be it for me with Apple TV for now and I'll turn my attention back to Disney+ for a while and all the shows on there I'd like to get through, like The Bear to name one in particular I want to watch ASAP.



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