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Blog | Welcome to Movies. Games. TV.

Welcome to Movies. Games. TV. - thanks for visiting my little site.

I don’t think there’s really any need to say what the site is about because it’s right there in the name – although I will point out that the order of the words is for a reason, not just a random ordering or because I think it sounds good.


Rey (Daisy Ridley) in The Last Jedi

I get to the movies on a pretty regular basis and have seen a wider range of films on the big screen over the last few years than in the previous decade. Getting to see more films more often, and wanting to talk about them has become a bigger part of my life over the last few years, so I’m using this as an opportunity to talk about them a little more publicly than just among friends.

The planned schedule right now is to publish a spoiler-free movie review every Monday, hopefully on the opening weekend of a new film. On certain special occasions, there might well be additional reviews in build-up to a major launch, or simply a second review if I can’t wait to talk about a movie.

But just to be clear, Monday movie reviews won’t always be the latest films, but will be new for the site.

For more about the Movies section, just click this link.


Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games

I get to play fewer games and have less time do so these days, and have built up an extensive backlog as a result. There are some titles that are short enough to be played through in the little time I have available each week, but those will be quite rare.

I’ll be playing through games in my own time, not rushing manically to complete them for the sake of a few more clicks on a page and will try to spread out reviews of shorter games in among the longer titles that will take up multiple instalments to get through.

With those, there might not be a definitive review immediately, but there will still be something posted each week regarding my progress, as well as my opinion of the game as it continues - a little like a Let’s Play in practice. Hopefully I can get into a routine quick enough that I can record videos or stream as I’m playing so you can hear my opinion immediately rather than having to wait.

For more about the Games section, just click this link.


Drogon cutting loose in Game of Thrones' season 7 episode "The Spoils of War"

Now it’s time for a little confession: Over the last decade or so, I didn’t watch anywhere near as much TV as I used to when I was younger, so have hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of material to work through. In fact, the only series I have been staying up to date with is Game of Thrones.

What that does mean though, is I’ll be watching a whole ton of series as if they were being broadcast for the first time; I’ve managed to avoid everything other than the most generic spoilers about the majority of things I’ve wanted to watch and never found the time to start.

The only real difference when it comes to reviewing TV shows is the length of each episode – short stuff like 30 Rock and most other sitcoms will be reviewed two episodes at a time; anything longer than that will be on an episode-by-episode basis. Special occasions, like a series finale or special feature-length episode, may be broken down into two parts if needed.

For more about the TV section, just click this link.


Secret Wars by Marvel Comics

This section will be used for anything that doesn't fall under one of the other three - books, comic books, sport, and anything else that happens to crop up will go in here. There's no real set schedule for blog posts other than one exception.

Lucky me(!), I'm an Arsenal fan, although I tend to do my best to ignore what's happening at the club at the moment - although I haven't actually seen them lose in person for 30 games now. Maybe I should go more...

The reason I'm bringing them up is I'll be rating the players on the end product of their performances and doing a whole 'power rankings' thing the day after every Arsenal game. So there will definitely be some posts in this section!

Thanks again for visiting Movies. Games. TV., I hope you are at least entertained by what I say - even if you don’t agree - and keep coming back.

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