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The World Is On Fire

Artist's prediction of London tomorrow

At least, it feels that way in and around London today - and tomorrow is supposed to be a lot hotter. I know there are lots of places around the world experiencing higher temperatures, but they usually do anyway. It's stupid hot and if you don't think climate change is real, then you should go back to school and ask them to keep you there until you accept it as fact.


No plans for any particular movie outside of potentially carrying on with the epic journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reviewing Doctor Strange - which would be pretty good timing after the announcement of the sequel at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, which will have the excellent (and John Carpenter/Lovecraft-sounding) title of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Next Monday will see the review of Papers, Please - displaced from this week thanks to the maddeningly-disappointing Lion King. Progress through Modern Warfare 2 is steady, but it's not on the previous game's level, so I'm fine taking my time with that one.

I'm also working my way through the New Game+ experience of Spider-Man on the PS4 Pro and loving it much more than the first time around, although still spending time away from the game when I reach one of the roadblocks that are the Mary Jane/Miles stealth sections - they are terrible and I hate, hate, hate them.

I've also started playing Alpha Protocol again, which is still ridiculously good for its age. Yes, it's more than a little buggy, plus it took a while to get used to the game's mechanics again as it works very differently to modern titles, but I'm really enjoying it and would still thoroughly recommend getting your hands on a copy if you can.


At the time of writing, I'm halfway through Orphan Black's third season, but will watch at least one more episode by the end of the day and am definitely enjoying it more than the previous season. It's not stopped being repetitive and there other narrative wobbles, but nothing to make me stop watching... yet.

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