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Third Time's the Charm

Makarov returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Considering the day, I didn't think a review of a child-murdering clown would be particularly appropriate. I also had a different header image in mind from the start of Modern Warfare 3, but that would've been really wrong considering some of the views you get early on.


As implied above, no It Chapter Two review today, so it'll instead be posted in the usual Saturday slot for movie reviews. I will say here that it isn't great, with a run-time that feels wholly unnecessary and retroactively makes me think I was waaay too harsh on Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood.


I'm actually really enjoying Modern Warfare 3, despite taking my time with my progression through the story. It's actually a pleasant surprise as I did remember it as being worse than the second game, but that hasn't proven to be the case at all. I especially remembered the sequence leading to the scene above as being a pain, but breezed through it this time.

I've also progressed a little further through Spider-Man on PS4, although just a little. Another of my previous criticisms has cropped up: scripted sequences requiring very specific solutions. I hope that this happens less in the presumably-inevitable sequel, because it still annoys having to follow a very set script rather than the more free-form open world action.


Orphan Black season four is halfway done and the review should be posted on Monday 23rd September. Yes, that's a way off, but I don't think I'm going to be quite done in time for next week. It feels a little strange knowing that I'm not too far from the end of the series now, but it has been mostly enjoyable so far - here's hoping it sticks the landing when it gets there.


Holy crap, It is big. I'm reading about thirty minutes per day and still have over half the book to go. It's also a little weird having seen It Chapter Two and now having mental images of what the characters look like as both adults and kids now. I'm enjoying it, but I can't see me finishing it before the end of this month - maybe I should save it for a Halloween review?

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