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The Best Laid Plans...


Sometimes, plans going off-course can lead to good things - like missing out on watching Ad Astra apparently. Last weekend's 'friendiversary' was so much fun that we kind of lost track of time and wound up missing out on Brad Pitt's latest, which is a bit of a snoozer according to paying members of the public.


As a result of missing out on Ad Astra, that means Snowpiercer - which is very, very good indeed - will be the movie review of choice for this Saturday. I wish I'd seen this movie sooner, but I think there may have been a rights or distribution issue as it wasn't available to watch anywhere for absolutely ages. Regardless, the least I can say about it is that you should definitely watch if if you get the opportunity.

Next cinema visit: Ready or Not

Next home watch: The Big Short


I'm done with the first major DLC of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Legacy of the First Blade and that'll get a mini-review next Monday. Spoiler: it's not great. I'm hoping the next DLC story, Fate of Atlantis, proves to a better experience - it has a lot to live up to with that title.

I'm also tempted to pick one of Alpha Protocol and Spider-Man's NG+ mode to get them out of the way. The latter still has a lot of the same issues as when I reviewed the game after my first time through, so I just want it over, while I experienced a major bug in the former that wiped an entire mission's worth of progress - that was extremely annoying to say the least.

Also playing: Divinity: Original Sin 2


And so Orphan Black will finally come to an end - at least, if you don't take the upcoming audio series into account. Maybe, with it being written as a final season of episodes, there'll be some character choices that will stick and give us some finality to various arcs and storylines. I'm just hoping beyond hope that it doesn't recycle the same material... again.


I'm a lot further through It and should be able to review it in a couple of weeks or so. There's a lot of material that doesn't really need to be included in my humble opinion, plus it's not particularly scary either - although it's definitely very gruesome, helped by King's fantastic attention to detail. Although sometimes that detail does go to places that are a little creepy (and not for supernatural reasons) and there's a certain infamous scene that I have heard about, but not reached yet. Ugh.

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