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Blog | A Mixed Bag


This post was originally intended to be pretty much just excitement about the new Spider-Man game tomorrow, but reality intervened.


Sticking with what was the original plan, I'm still really, really looking forward to getting my hands on Spider-Man tomorrow night and having the game pretty much consume my entire weekend. I doubt I'll get it finished in that time because I usually try and do as much as possible (that isn't frustrating and/or repetitive) on a first play-through, so it'll probably be a week or two before a review surfaces.

Not this weekend

No Premier League football this weekend thanks to the return of the irritating international football. For a sport that regularly likes to boast about how inclusive it can be, and how much it can bring people together, the fact that many see the highest level as one determined by nationality alone always bothers me.

There are great players, like Georges Best and Weah, who never stood a chance of winning anything at international level purely because of where they were born. And with politics in the world today more fanatically partisan and divisive than ever, it does still bother me that what is effectively nationalism is supported by so many so readily.

Not next year

The Oscars have decided there won't be an award to recognise popular film, presumably because of the legitimate and entirely understandable backlash against the idea. To go a bit 'conspiracy theorist' for a moment, I wonder if they've done some quiet polling and realise that Black Panther may well get nominated for Best Film, but stands no chance of winning it.

After all, I still think the category was only created because the Academy was worried about what would happen if Black Panther wasn't recognised in some way, while not wanting it to win the biggest award of the night. I think a Best Picture nomination that has no chance of turning into a win is the perfect outcome for the mostly old, white Oscars voter.


I actually had to go back and edit a lot of this after learning that Burt Reynolds has passed away. I'm not going to lie and say that I was a super-fan, but I always enjoyed him whenever he showed up in a movie, with the guy able to exhibit more charm, charisma and screen presence in a scene than a lot of actors can manage in an entire movie.

I'll always remember him best as J. J. McClure from the Cannonball Run films, teamed up with Dom DeLuise as one of the funniest screen pairings I've ever had the good fortune to see. They were the first films that I saw him and so they're what stuck with me, but whenever I saw Reynolds in anything else, he never did anything to tarnish that positive image of him that will now last forever.

RIP Burt Reynolds.



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