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Just a short one, because I... forgot to add this at the end of yesterday's post. See? Wasn't joking about needing to become a better writer - planning is part of that!

This weekend

Real football is back now that the international break is over, even if the Premier League is unfolding a little too predictably already. Hopefully, Arsenal can pick up another three points away from home, but it's definitely going to be tight against a Rafa Benitez side with home support.

And, as the image at the top might suggest, it's movie-going time again. This weekend it's Crazy Rich Asians, which is finally released in the UK, and Shane Black's The Predator. The latter hasn't been reviewing well at all, but I enjoyed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man Three, and The Nice Guys, so I'm willing to give Shane Black the benefit of the doubt until I see the movie for myself.

As for Crazy Rich Asians, it looks like fun and I think it'll be interesting to see another film that isn't being told from a Caucasian perspective. I've seen plenty of romantic comedies before - and enjoyed plenty - so it'll be interesting to see similar stuff from a different viewpoint.

When I get the time, there'll also be more Spider-Man getting played, leading to...


Currently playing

Spider-Man - genuinely, it's how incredible this game looks and sounds on the PS4 Pro, coupled with the incredible thrill of web-slinging that keeps me coming back at the moment, with the mediocre combat still dragging things down.

Currently watching

Agent Carter season 2 - currently on hold thanks to her fellow Marvel character above, but I should be able to get the last few episodes out of the way and post a review some time next week.

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