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Blog | Christmas Times


Just a brief interruption before returning to what was originally scheduled - in other words, Elissa and friends will be back on Friday as they head to Denerim, the capital city of Ferelden. However, it's Christmas next week and so I thought I'd just give a heads-up for the schedule over that time.


Avengers: Infinity War is added to Netflix on Christmas Day, so that seems like the perfect time to post my review of the most successful Marvel Cinematic Universe so far - although in a slightly different format to usual...

There will also be two more movie reviews on Christmas Eve and December 30th, although I don't know what they'll be just yet - plans are to see at least four more movies by the end of the year, so two of them will get their own review before 2018 is over.

And seeing as 2018 is almost over, I'll be posting my list of top ten movies released in the UK during 2018 on December 29th. It's pretty set at this point, so whichever movies I do end up seeing in the next couple of weeks will have to be something special to break into the current top ten.


As noted above, the Dragon Age: Origins Game Play series returns on Friday as the team head to Denerim to poke around under Teyrn Loghain's nose, before heading to the Mage tower on Sunday. I knew I wouldn't get too far in December, but I didn't realise I would only just get to the first main area! I imagine it'll take until February to get through the entire game, if not March.

And having actually played a few games that came out this year, I'll also be listing my top three games of 2018 this Saturday. I will admit that I am still playing my pick for number one - as in I'm yet to complete it, but am still loving it having played over sixty hours now.


One last TV review for 2018 as I look at the second season of the excellent The Good Place on December 27th. It's one of my favourite series of recent years, so expect to hear praise throughout - I'm half-tempted to actually just get completely up to date because I like it so much, rather than waiting for my 'random show picker' choosing it again.

Premier League predictions

Back tomorrow, thanks to a Friday night game, and then three more on the 26th, 28th and 31st of December thanks to the hectic winter schedule in England. However, I won't have access to my computer on Boxing Day, so there won't be an updated table based on my predictions until December 28th.



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