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A review of Crazy Rich Asians will now be coming next week

Crazy Rich Asians and The Predator

No, not some weird new mash-up, but a quick note to say that neither of those movies actually got watched this weekend. I usually go with two friends when watching movies at the cinema and one wasn't feeling well, so we decided to put it off for now.

It's a shame, as I was really interested in seeing both of them even though for entirely different reasons. Next weekend is now the aim for the pair, although plans may change depending on what is available to watch by that point.

Newcastle United 1-2 Arsenal

Wow, Unai Emery is really rubbing Arsene Wenger's nose in it with these away wins, huh? In his first three away games, he now has double the number of away victories in the league Wenger managed in 2018. I'm only joking really, not intending any true disrespect to Arsenal's greatest ever manager, but it really does highlight just how poor Wenger was at setting up the team away from home last season.

Xhaka scored a great free-kick, surprisingly going for accuracy over power and it paying off, with Ozil grabbing what proved to be the winner in his 200th game from the club. A little disappointing to still not keep a clean sheet, but it never felt like Arsenal were really going to throw the game away.

A small step forward maybe, but it is moving forward. I'm not sure the club has the players to defend in the way Emery would like, so I can see the defence continuing to be an issue for the rest of the season unless reinforcements are brought in during the January transfer window.


I was planning to review the two movies above this week, but with those plans having gone flying out of the window, I'll instead post a review of Master and Commander: Far Side of the World tomorrow, which I think is an overlooked modern great.

Wednesday will finally see Agent Carter's return in her second season, and Friday will be a review of Plague Inc: Evolved on PC. Tuesday and Thursday I'm still not sure about, although I feel that I can with some confidence that Spider-Man won't be reviewed just yet.


Currently playing

Spider-Man - I'm still grinding my way through it, and finding the side stuff and web-slinging around the city to be the most enjoyable aspects so far - there are too many separate parts that just don't come together for to really enjoy it right now

Currently reading

Day of the Triffids - a bit of a change to what I'd normally (want to) read, but a post-apocalyptic world filled with carnivorous plants should at least be interesting

Currently watching

Sherlock season 1 - after Agent Carter is finished, I'll be sticking with an English protagonist and Hayley Atwell's fellow MCU alums Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman



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