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Still not feeling too well, so just a short, short one today.

I did have a review planned, but that will have to wait until Thursday now. A review of what? Thursday will reveal all (honestly, not that big of a deal).

Arsenal 3-1 Leicester City

Just a quick note on Arsenal coming from behind to eventually end up comfortable winners. I still believe Emery is trying to build up natural/instinctive relationships between the attackers so that he can then focus on the defence. Hopeful? Yes, but the alternative - that even he has no idea how to make this team defend well - is more than a little worrying.


Currently playing

Spider-Man - still tying up loose ends before taking on that final mission. Review still coming at the end of the week.

Currently reading

The Silent Companions - really enjoying the multiple timelines, although feels more like a mystery to be solved than anything creepy or scary. Review coming next week.

Currently watching

Stranger Things season 1 - finishing off the season tonight and really enjoying it, although there are a few things that bug me. Review coming tomorrow.



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