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Blog | Sunshine + World Cup Shocks(?)

As Martin Crane once called it on Frasier: the scare ball

Welcome to the new-look Movies. Games. TV. and the first of my on-going daily blogs!

It’s baking hot here in the South-East of England right now – that is, baking hot for the UK – and I’m currently sitting in my flat with all the windows open and currently have two fans struggling to keep me cool in this hellish heat.

The Stark family from Game of Thrones might say “winter is coming”, but it feels like a bloody long way off right now – almost as long as the wait for the show’s final season. Personally, I’m hoping that this summer keeps to the usual British tradition of lasting a few weeks before disappearing for the rest of the year, but the outlook isn’t too positive on that front.

World Cup Weirdness

It’s been a strange start to the knock-out stages of the 2018 World Cup, with Argentina, Portugal and Spain already eliminated, with Croatia and Denmark going head-to-head as I write this.

Ronaldo and Messi - the end of an era?

In all honesty though, Spain are the only real shock elimination out of those three; Argentina and Portugal might have Messi and Ronaldo, but they don’t really have the quality throughout the team like France, or the sheer bloody-mindedness of Uruguay.

Mbappe stole the show for France with an incredible performance for a teenager, and it almost felt like a passing of the baton from Messi to the French youngster. The PSG player looks ridiculously good already, although it remains to be seen whether he can really co-exist with Neymar.

Speaking of PSG strikers, Cavani was Uruguay’s key player with both goals for the South Americans against the European champions. Both were fantastic finishes in completely different ways, and it was a shame to see him have to limp off, mainly because that still left Suarez on the pitch, who – despite all of his immense talent – is still one of the biggest cheats going.

Now I don’t really like Cristiano Ronaldo either, but if you put him in Suarez in the position of being one-on-one with an opposition goalkeeper and a defender closing in quickly, I get the feeling that Ronaldo would duly smash the ball home while Suarez would try and draw contact from the defender to get him carded and win a penalty rather than simply scoring.

It’s almost as if he simply can’t resist cheating for the sake of it.


As for the week ahead, there’ll be a review of the first Hobbit film tomorrow; the return of the Arsenal Power Rankings on Wednesday to confirm just how terrible last season was for the Gunners; and a review of the second episode of Tales from the Borderlands – “Atlas Mugged” – on Friday.

With the World Cup round of sixteen still going, there should be plenty more to talk about during the week too, so (unless you’re like me) enjoy the sun until then and I’ll be back with another blog on Tuesday evening, probably after England play Colombia.


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