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First off, the reason there was no post on Saturday was the automated posting failed to work and I was away from my computer and had no way of fixing it on the day. Even then, it took ages last night to figure out how to get the Spider-Man review post to work at all, but I finally managed to fix it.

Hopefully, whatever the problem was will be ironed out by the time the Christmas and New Year holidays come around or there could be a few more days where nothing gets posted.

Crystal Palace 2-2 Arsenal

A disappointing result, although a fair one based on performance with Arsenal struggling to impose themselves at all going forward, while remaining weak at the back. But those deficiencies aren’t what irritated me the most about the result...

There is a serious problem with the way football is covered in England, although it fits perfectly with the ugly spectre of nationalism rising up. It’s not a new problem though, but one that has persisted for as long as I’ve been aware of football coverage, and is centred on how many pathetic Little Englanders unfortunately get given the chance to shape what people talk about when it comes to football.

Actually, there’s two problems I have with football coverage in England, but the second is less problematic and I’ll get to that shortly. The main issue I have is how little coverage you’ll see or hear when English players cheat to win their team points.

Yeah, Arsenal might not have deserved to win, but they probably would’ve held on if Zaha hadn’t thrown himself to the ground – yet no-one is talking about it. The entire result of a Premier League match was decided by cheating and nothing has been said about it. Why?

Or should I really be surprised? English players throw themselves to the ground all the time in attempts to con the officials and, even when caught on video, they are let off the hook. Owen, Gerrard, Beckham, Lampard, Alli, Kane, Vardy and more have dived or do still dive regularly and in their careers will never face the same criticism foreign players will get for doing it once.

Or how about John Terry, regularly praised for how few times he was booked or sent off in his career, with no English journalist ever having the guts to point out that he should’ve been carded many, many, many more times than he was and the referees lacked the bottle to do their jobs properly.

In short, if you’re an English player – and especially if you’re in the England squad – you can cheat through diving or simply outright hurting opponents and, not only will the referees protect you, but so will the FA and every English journalist covering the game.

Daredevil season 3

Despite previously saying that I wouldn’t be watching the Marvel Netflix shows because of working my way through the MCU in order leading up to the release of the still-untitled Avengers 4, I couldn’t help but start watching this thanks to the overwhelmingly-positive reaction it has received.

And so far, seven episodes in, the show has been living up to the hype. The action and character work has been fantastic, although I do think it does require having seen both previous seasons of Daredevil and also The Defenders.

Regardless, I’m having great fun watching it and especially loving seeing Bullseye brought to life about as well as I could hope for in a TV show – the showdown between him and Matt in the offices of the paper where Karen works was brilliant and I can’t wait for their rematch.



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