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Frasier, Season 6 | Kind Words

Mental health is key for everyone...


TV review - Frasier, Season 6

Season summary: Frasier goes through a terrible depression because of his unemployment; Niles is still in the process of his divorce from Maris. He eventually changes lawyers to instead use Donny Douglas; however, just as Niles gets his divorce, Donny begins to date Daphne and the two get engaged shortly afterwards, leaving Niles devastated. (Frasier Wiki)

Frasier's sixth season is a tricky one to rate thanks to following on from the practically perfect fifth season, plus it does shift away from the possibility of having great episodes thanks to an increased focus on serialisation regarding character developments and relationships. There are some great moments and scenes, but no truly great episodes on their own.

The best parts stand out thanks to the serialisation, as it does allow the show to build towards them over multiple episodes rather than having to establish anything in the episodes in which these moments occur. I will say though, that the best of all are more of the emotional and dramatic variety rather than anything comedic. However, Frasier still remains as brilliantly funny as ever.

Remember - this show is so much better than most that even if it sounds like a weak season, it's only weak compared to its own incredible highs rather than suffering in comparison to other shows. Take the opening scene from "Three Valentines", highlighting how brilliant a performer David Hyde Pierce is as Niles in one of the best silent comedy sequences you'll see in any TV show.

If anything, the biggest criticism I would have of this season is the reluctance to let Frasier grow, especially compared to the supporting cast - Roz, Niles and Daphne all get significant changes to their lives and it's strange that the title character is continually shown up in this regard. It's particularly bad when it comes to Frasier's love life and the status quo demanding he be single.

This definitely counts as a spoiler, but Amy Brenneman's Faye is a great character and clearly a perfect match for Frasier, so the show introducing problems to disrupt and ultimately end the relationship feel more than a little contrived and wholly unsatisfying. Don't get me wrong, I understand that a significant part of the premise of Frasier is his poor luck with women, but this really should've been done better than it was.

Frasier's sixth season is still really good, but suffers from following on from one of the greatest seasons any sitcom has ever produced, especially when the need to adhere to the status quo makes for a weak ending to the season and some very forced comedy. On the plus side, there's a little more serialisation thanks to Daphne's relationship with Donny that rewards watching rather than just being a series of one-offs.



'Game' 'review' - Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

'Game' summary: Write and receive encouraging letters in a cosy room. Trade stickers and listen to chill music. We're all in this together. Sometimes all you need are a few kind words. (Steam)

This isn't going to be so much a 'review', but rather an acknowledgement of the valuable service Kind Words provides by offering anyone who owns it a place where they can let themselves be vulnerable and ask for help or advice anonymously, knowing they are almost certainly guaranteed to receive either support or advice to help them deal with any struggles they may have.

Conversely, you can also choose to be one of those offering encouragement for the many, many people suffering and requesting help if you'd prefer. While this isn't a replacement for therapy or counselling as far as dealing with major life issues goes, it's at least a decent first step along the way and I hope that those who have asked for help have felt at least a little better.

It helps that the 'game' really does live up to its extended title and really is a chill experience, with a pleasant, soft graphical style with background music that is very easy on the ears - it's definitely a very relaxing place to spend some time at the very least. But don't think it's an easy time - some of the requests can be very difficult to read, with people clearly very unhappy about things in their life, so be kind.

Kind Words isn't really a game and neither is it something that can really be scored in any way, offering more of a safe space for people to air their concerns and worries, or offer advice and support anonymously. It's a hugely worthwhile endeavour and something that will remain forever installed on any PC I own, because it can be a relief from harsh reality to have somewhere peaceful where you can both offer and receive support.


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