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Game Review | Audiosurf


No need for a plot summary because… well, Audiosurf doesn’t have a plot. It’s a really simple game where you race in a variety of modes along tracks built from your own music collection. It sounds simple, because it is – this game has one goal and does it very well.

The graphics are pretty basic, but don’t need to be anything special. Unless you choose slower songs that create unexciting tracks, you’re going to be too busy trying to get as high a score as possible to be too concerned with the visuals anyway.

And the music? Well, that depends on you. The game can be as exciting and frenetic as you want it to be. It might take you a couple of songs to figure out which types of music tracks make the best racing tracks for you, but when you hit that point is when the game really works.

In fact, it’s can be a lot like a roller-coaster, with your little ship slowly climbing an incline before racing over the crest and dashing downwards as the courses twist left, right, up and down.

It has proven to be such an adrenaline rush at times that I’ve played the same song/course multiple times in a row simply to keep that high going – and also to try and get a better score because the first time was so overwhelming.

This really is a tricky game to review though, because it does depend entirely on your own music. Even with the multiple modes that vary how you can complete each course, you are still doing the same thing over and over – until you can find that sweet spot of music selection, it could prove to be a little repetitive.

Audiosurf is a fun little time-waster than can be prove to be either addictive or boring depending on how much you like your own music tastes. Once you get a feel for how the game generates the courses and choose your music accordingly, it really can be a rush to play.




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