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Game Review | Zombie Driver


Game summary: A chemical accident/secret government project has turned the inhabitants of an entire city into shambling, aggressive opponents. The player must undertake various missions to rescue stranded civilians, slaughter zombies and unlock/upgrade various vehicles. (Wikipedia)

Just to make it clear: that title is correct and this is not a review of the HD version of the game. Saying that, the developers would've had to upgrade a lot more than the graphics to make this worth even the tiniest amounts of time and money.

And just to ram it home, it's not just the fidelity of the visuals that are the problem - although they are an issue too - but just how uninteresting it all looks. It's all just so very bland and generic that it's easy to get distracted scanning the screen for something to capture your attention.

The sound quality is pretty poor too, from music to effects, and is aggressively mediocre at best. And the gameplay is just... ugh. Seriously, how did anyone manage to make a game about deliberately driving armed, armoured vehicles through hordes of zombies so boring?

It all just combines to make Zombie Driver a game to avoid, despite how little it costs. I paid practically nothing (I think possibly even under £1) and enjoyed it so little I still felt like I'd been ripped off - and Steam refunds didn't exist yet or I would've wanted that money back!

It's just not fun to play, with nothing to keep you interested after the first few minutes of play and you realise that the premise of the game is the single most interesting thing about it, with the game doing nothing to try and make it stay interesting.

Zombie Driver is such a waste of a premise that it's almost criminal. This should have been so easy to get right, and yet it barely has a redeeming feature other than how cheap it is. I gave up on it very quickly and can't see any way I'll ever be tempted to play it again.




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