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Ana de Armas and Chris Evans in an action rom-com? What could possibly go wrong?

Ana de Armas as Sadies Rhodes in Ghosted

First off, a quick apology for the short post this week, as I grossly misjudged how much free time I'd have, or - more accurately - the lack of it. Next week should be back up to speed though, as I round out my time with Apple TV with reviews of Napoleon and For All Mankind's fourth season - promise!



- As the sub-heading up top says: how could an action rom-com starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans possibly go wrong? Well, Ghosted is offered up as some pretty concrete evidence that it is possible.

- The odd moment aside, there's virtually nothing redeemable about this movie, which feels like it was made by people who have seen movies before, tried to replicate what they've seen but didn't know how.

- The cinematography is poor; the score is entirely unmemorable and does nothing to enhance the experience; and the action is poorly choreographed and even more poorly shot and edited.

- Then there's the script which is trying to juggle the action, comedy and romance aspects, doing none of them well and ending up failing at all three spectacularly.

- I'm not going to spare the cast either, which has plenty of big names (including some bizarrely brief cameos from Evans' MCU co-stars), because they do nothing to raise the material above it's very low level.

- And I like Evans and de Armas too, especially knowing that they can work extremely well together as they did in Rian Johnson's Knives Out.

- Honestly, go and watch that movie instead of this, but notice how those two have more chemistry in a single scene there than at any point during this film.

- Unless you want something you don't have to pay attention to starring some pretty people, then it'd be best to give Ghosted a wide, wide berth. [2/10]


- Halfway through Life is Strange 2's second episode and still crawling towards the end of Baldur's Gate 3 (not helped by starting a third playthrough alongside it already...)

- I really need to make more use of Game Pass, because there's a lot of bloody good games on there right now that I really want to get through.


- As I said up above, For All Mankind's fourth season will be reviewed next week and then I'll be up-to-date and waiting like everyone else for confirmation there will be a fifth season.

- After that, I'm seriously going to try and get caught up with the Star Wars TV shows before I start working my way through whatever else catches my eye on Disney+.



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