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Interruption of Service

No phone line and no internet makes writing posts a non-starter


Fortunately, I have a picture uploaded for this blog post, but having to use a tablet to get this post written is hard enough, never mind uploading an image for a review post that's properly formatted. But this post is about as much as can be done for the moment thanks to OpenReach - who 'maintain' phone lines - still having not repaired the connection to my house in the week since it went down.

It's ridiculous that it's taking this long already and I'm simply hoping it will be fixed next week at least otherwise they'll really be taking the piss. The worst part of it all is that they originally said it was going to be fixed by Tuesday of this week, which is why I'm having to quickly scramble this badly-formatted post together - I thought I'd have the time to get a regular review post sorted...

So that didn't happen and I have no idea when the internet will become a thing for me again in my flat with a dozen internet-connected devices which are all currently pretty useless. It's doubly aggravating as the issue holding up the fix is a pole that the engineer who inspected the problem couldn't do anything about because it needs to be inspected as safe first.

The kicker is that he also said poles need to be inspected once every 12 years and the pole affected is overdue for inspection. Seriously, give anyone on the planet 12 years to do something and they'll probably get it done - how the hell can a national company not manage it? So plans for the site have to change for a bit as I can't really do the posts justice and have them at the quality level I would like.

As a result, reviews are on hold for a bit because I'm doing a bit of 'comfort' gaming and movie watching to avoid getting too angry with the idiots who can't fix a single phone line in a week. I still want to create posts each Monday and Friday just to keep that rhythm going for myself, but it'll be simpler things for my own amusement rather than recommending (or not) any movies, games or TV shows.

To start, Monday will see a ranking of all the Batman movies I've seen (sorry, Batman & Robin, no place for you here) thanks to my high level of enjoyment of The Batman and the realisation that I've experienced a lot of different guys playing the Dark Knight, which will include movies that Batman plays a part in even if only briefly - in other words, Suicide Squad will not be ranked very highly at all.

After that? I have no idea, but I'm sure I'll think of something...



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