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Hide and Seek


The title of this post isn't just a reference to the title of Ready or Not, but also due to the fact that these midweek posts will be going on a brief hiatus - not because I don't have the time to write them, but because I actually have an excess of stuff to write about!


First up, the above-mentioned Ready or Not will be reviewed on Saturday and I can already say that I thought it was really, really good but will save greater detail for then. Following that, The Big Short will be getting a review next Wednesday (9th October).

The two midweek posts will also be getting replaced by Marvel Cinematic Universe posts, the first to show what I think is the best order to watch what currently appears to be canon (first season of Agent Carter? Yes. Second season and any other TV show? Not really) and why I picked that order (16th October). That will be followed the week after by my current rankings for the MCU now that the 'Infinity Saga' is complete (23rd October).

Next cinema visit: currently undecided, but possibly Hustlers and definitely not Joker

Next home watch: Big - this is what happens when you let a randomiser pick the next movie


To start with here, an announcement: going forward, a screenshot will be posted everyday on Instagram and Twitter from a game, running through the images I took of that game until they've all been posted, at which point they'll be removed from rotation and replaced with another. Head over to Instagram or Twitter for some very pretty pictures.

Next thing to say is that I think I'm going to give up on Spider-Man New Game+ mode, thanks to reaching the point in the game where I realised I now have the same core abilities I did in my original play-through and the novelty of having every ability available is now irrelevant. There's nothing from this point on that's going to change my opinion, so buh-bye to Spidey. I'll post a quick overview of the NG+ experience this Friday (4th October).

I'm also 'giving up' on Divinity: Original Sin 2, but for a much better reason: I'm enjoying it so much that I want to do it 'right' and feel that I need to get myself into the right mindset. As a result, I've re-installed Dragon Age: Origins to the new SSD that replaced my broken one with my previous save on it, but will try to replicate that story as closely as possible and resume the Game Play series that last featured back in 2018 - I'll post a quick catch-up before resuming.

The reason for going back to Dragon Age is that it's a gentle enough re-introduction to a more serious kind of role-playing game that will hopefully get me in the right mindset for the crazy number of options available in Original Sin 2. They're actually very different games with very different styles of play, but close enough to at least make sure that I take the newer game more steadily than my now-aborted blast of a play-through.

Lastly, I'm going to focus on completing Alpha Protocol next, assuming I don't run into any more serious bugs. Once that's out of the way, I'll head back to Ancient Greece and face the Fate of Atlantis with Kassandra in the second and final major story DLC for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I'll also try and race through a couple of shorter games where I can so there's not an age between game reviews.


Orphan Black's final season will still be the next TV show to be reviewed - probably on Monday 14th October - but I am glad to say that The Good Place is back for its fourth and final season, so will also be getting the review treatment as soon as the series is over. After that, it'll be up to the randomiser to decide what already-started series I finish off next (please be DS9, please be DS9, please be DS9).


I've finally finished the mammoth It and will be posting a review of the book on next Monday (7th October), finally getting that murderous clown out of my mind for the first time in months. I enjoyed it, but there's quite a few negatives to work through - and for very different reasons.

Along similar lines, I'll be taking part in Nanowrimo again this November, so another book review might be some way off, although I do want to start the Witcher series, so that may be next in December. Regardless, the next book review is some way off right now.

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