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The Amazing Spider-Men


Over the past couple of years, I've come to realise that I'm not that much of a Spider-Fan - at least for the wall-crawler's appearance in movies and games. I haven't seen any of the animated series, so there may be some good stuff I've missed out on as I've seen Spectacular Spider-Man get praised a lot, but Spidey in other media just hasn't really clicked for me yet.

Despite this, I'm going to do a ranking next week of all the Spider-Man movies I've seen instead of an 'update' post like this. This means no Venom, as Spidey isn't in it, and no Amazing Spider-Man 2 either thanks to not having watched it after the first one put me off - which should be a pretty good hint as to which movie is going to be bottom of the pile.


This Saturday's movie review will be a swift return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first Ant-Man movie. It's actually been a while since I've seen it, so will have to watch it again at some point this week, but I do remember enjoying it. I'll hopefully get to see at least another couple of movies currently in cinemas this weekend, so it should be the last MCU entry for a while - especially as I think I'm close to having reviewed them all.


Next Monday will see the review of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which is still great even if its looks are a little dated these days. I haven't started Modern Warfare 2 yet, but it won't matter as the campaign is short and, if I can't finish it in time for the 22nd July, I'll post the review of Papers, Please instead, which is a great game that everybody should at least try.

I'm also currently playing through the PS4 Spider-Man New Game+ mode and enjoying it far more than the first time through. Who knew that having access to the title characters full range of abilities from the start of his own damn game would be so fun? This time, Spider-Man actually feels like a superhero and it's a much more satisfying experience for me.


I'm currently two episodes into Orphan Black's third season and would say I am definitely enjoying spacing out the episodes a little more. I won't re-review season 2 though, because the amount of wheel-spinning wouldn't be any better spread out. And season 3 hasn't yet done anything that made me think this was the wrong way to watch the show either.

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